Drew 'Pull' Willy just signs a new deal in TO.

Horrible news as far as I'm concerned. The new fan chant will be ringing out at BMO, Pull Willy...If any fans show up to watch this stiff. Just when everyone thought The Toronto Argonauts couldn't sink any lower 2017 looks to be the Total SH!TS! The Good Ship Argo crashed into a rocky shoal in 2016 with Bob Barker and Milanosh!ts at the helm and sunk to the bottom. I don't think this ship will get saved in 2017 that's for friggin sure.
I was enjoying the holiday season until I heard this news. I was hoping for Barker, Milo and their band of flunkies along with Pull Willy to all be gone. The Argonauts have had some real lows in their history but this is right there with them. Barker and Milanosh!ts are under .500 and you continue to allow them to ruin your product even more. F@#K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can you get excited about the upcoming season when the Argonauts have dropped out of sight in the TO sports scene and even the ownership group and business side of this team doesn't give a rats arse.

Season ticket sales are sure to be even lower then last year.

Unless Ricky is healthy, who else do they have? (I see him joining Mass as a coach in Edm)

Lefevour is plucky but has a noodle for an arm. The 2 young kids from last year showed they are far from being ready.

This year could be horrible.

I hope Ricky Ray comes back for another year. The fact that Jim Barker has apparently got Willy to sign a base contract plus time played, sounds similar what he had tried to work out last year with Harris and Ray, and might suggest Ricky is coming back on the same deal. But its a no brainer that Ricky would be the starter if healthy.

Pretty sure 2017 will be horrible again.

With Spock Milanovich & Fat Veg gone this Drew Willy trade now looks even worse than ever ... and then there's Willy's re-signing! :roll:

Just another reason why Copeland needed to fire Bob Barker and Mr. Overrated in Nov so more damage couldn't be done. Right now this could be one of the lowest points in Argo history. Coming off a horrible year with a sunken brand and this is how you respond in the offseason by dragging your arse and now we're SCREWED! The sense of urgency with the new owners and hired flunkies is non existent. It's going to be one long year in Argoland so don't expect anything Argo fans.