Drew out for the year

It's bad, but it's really the first serious injury hit our team has taken this year, so I guess we really can't complain too much.

But what I do not like is that Herb Z is reporting that Kizer is going to take his place (Estelle is back to reclaim his corner spot).

If it were up to me, I'd sit Kizer down (he has not impressed me) and play Tay Cody......HB is his natural position, he hits like a locomotive, so I'd rather see him there.

Your thoughts, gang?

Well, maybe Larry Smith has another daughter, and Kizer is married to her...

I must agree with the Jack who is mad (or angry?). Kizer was fired for doing something stupid in Regina (and they dump manure on people's lawns out there). He is then rehired, and he has played somewhat rotten as a corner. Now, they are moving him to Randee Drew's spot. They should be moving Kizer to Montreal-Nord...

Cody is the obvious and better choice.

Cody was Awol and he's going to have to earn his spot and that means he'll have to wait for an opportunity. Team concept is everything to Trestman. How would he explain giving a starting spot to Cody. I admire Trestman for being fair and making no exceptions to his own rules. That is how you earn respect from your players. His word is gold. Look down the 401 or in Regina or Winnipeg and see what happens when Coach and GM's start manipulating situations to fit their own decisions.

Cody MIGHT be a better HB then Kizer but till Kizer plays himself out of the lineup or someone gets injured, it is what it is.

Just my 2 cents...

Cody has been released by the Als; maybe he was good a few years ago but not anymore. Kizer will do a good job. The coaches know more than we do and I have total confidence in them.

Carter could play/be in uniform against the Argos, on September 7,2008, provided Boulay is starting as free safety.


Every time a player talks with Herb they get cut the next day....Ouch!

Thanks for the update Richard; we're glad you have joined us here, your insights are valuable.

And......HfxTC.......do you think this will teach the players to stop talking to Herb?


Well let's see





If I was a player and saw Herb coming or see his number on my phone. I'd run LOL!

When was Masson cut?

July 28th.

That long ago?
I guess I missed it

ro, you've been too busy bashing your pet whipping boy Harper to pay attention to what's really important in life........Alouettes football !!!!!!!

Beady eye Harper ? George Bush's taller brother