Drew + Milty grade the 2012 TiCats

Drew and Steve provide an overall rate/grade position by position of the 2012 TiCats.
(note: worst 3 positions selected were DL, DB's and Coaching)

Special Teams- A
Running backs- A-
Offensive Line- B+
Quarterbacks- B
Receivers- B-
Linebackers- B-
Coaching - C+
Defensive backs - D
Defensive Line- F

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/11/grading-the-ticats-2012-season.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/ ... eason.html[/url]

I think the DLs, DBs, and coaches do deserve the worst grades. It was coaching and play at those positions that I consider the main reasons this season turned out being a major disappointment.

I'm not so sure if the offensive line deserves a better grade than the receivers and QBs. I understand that injuries to Hage and Dyakowski were taken into account. But still, I thought Burris and the receivers did well, and the offensive line was a weakness too many times. And if injuries were taken into account, then I don't think the offensive line should have been given a better grade than the linebackers.

But I do think that does give a good summary of what is right and what is wrong with this team.

similar sentiments here BYF as I had surmised the OLine to grade nearer to a C.

The OL seemed to be in constant pushback with the pocket collapsing far too easily and far to often for the most part of the season.
Granted there were a few injuries to take into account although this was the case in all positions at various junctures.

As well, IMO, Drew and Milty may have been slightly generous to the LB core which was a discernible weakness on second down run coverage.

O line should be a C
Coaching should be a D

Aside from that, I agree.

Disagree with Drew and Milty on the following.

Linebacker B - Generous grade considering we could not stop the run at any crucial time in the games. Williams is NOT at middle linebacker.

Coaching C + Generous grade considering nothing was done about Burris and his fumbles pick - six and ccontinual failure to make changes during the game. The Defense well thats a different story - Creehan was over his head the day he opened his mouth and started yelling at the players. I'm surprised no one dropped him!

DB's D - Generous grade once again considering that bunch was horrid. Can not cover or tackle. Certainly a no talent bunch. What happened to fundamentals? Put that on Coaching and Obilovich - Womack.

D Line - F Generous grade considering the interior tackles could not place and pressure on the QB or stop the run. The DE did nothing until a couple of new players were brought in to push Peach.

If you look at this season closely, Obilovich and his side kick Womack, they did an crap job of finding talent until late in the season when everything was lost. Cortez on the other hand did not do a great job at evaluating the on field talent. I would bet in the off season there will be some interesting moves that will start with Casey Creehan being reunited with his buddies in Winterpeg. I hope to hear some good news immediately after the Grey Cup.

The O-line was a liability mostly at the ends with Simmons and Dile. Dyakowsi and Hage getting injured didn't matter as much for pass protection. Although Cortez didn't have the highest confidence either in his O-line pushing forward as was evidenced by the number of times he punted on 3rd and 1. The O-line did a decent job for run blocking though. Grade should be about a B-

I think the reason Cortez liked to punt on 3rd and 1 was because he had never heard of "lining up under center" or "Quinton Porter". As for the O line they were horrible at pass blocking but pretty good at run blocking so I think that factored into giving them a higher grade. I agree that the grades for the LB, DB, DL, and especially coaching were generous though.