Drew "limp" Willy

It looks like Drew Willy will be the starter. What a disgrace! Willy is Jonathan Crompton without the mullet.

This is year 2 of the Kavis Reed regime. The best starting QB he could find for the team is Drew Willy. Really?! Drew Willy!!!

Reed signed a washed out NFL bum in Josh Freeman, but couldn't find a young QB who was adequate enough to better Drew Willy. This should be enough to get Reed fired!

Drew Willy, ayoye tabar...

Let's look at Drew Willy. All the other 8 regular CFL starting QBs are (much) better than Willy.

Mike Reilly
Ricky Ray
Bo Levi Mitchell
Trevor Harris
Matt Nichols
Zach Collaros
Jeremiah Masoli
Jonathon Jennings

The following backup QBs are arguably as good or better than Drew Willy.

Kevin Glenn
Travis Lulay
Brandon Bridge
Drew Tate
Cody Fajardo
James Franklin

So in a 9 team league, our starting QB is the 15th best QB in the league. This is the best the Great Kazoo Reed can do? Why does this guy still have a job?

In the CFL, you CANNOT WIN without a quality starting QB. This team will be extremely lucky to get 7 wins. 3-5 wins is more likely. The defense might be very good, but they will be on the field 40 minutes a game.

Drew effin Willy. The season is over before it has even started.

31 years old. Not exactly a young man either

Yes I have to agree that Willy is not going to deliver a championship anytime soon.
Willy must be great in training camp and when he works out for teams. How else does he keep ending up as a starter?
He was a starter in Winnipeg, then the proposed starter in Toronto. But failed to materialize in both situations.
Reed, Should have gone after Franklin.

Als need to hire Kent Austin

Looks like another abysmal season for the long-suffering Als fans. Thank God I have ND Fighting Irish to look forward to in September.

Wow!, thats a shame, but reasonable evaluation. Thhis, in fact is very likely the only place Willy could qualify for a CFL pay check, much less a starters salary. 7Wins would be a great improvement in year one of Shermans tenure. Hell, we could probably make the playoffs with an 8-10 record in the East.

I think Drew Willy might surprise, on the upside. It would be nice to see him make all the naysayers eat their words.

I'm not picking him yet in Fantasy though. With all the overlooked value picks out there early in the season, I've got lots of cap space for a proven star QB. (Of course last year I got off to an absolutely wretched start with easily my worst week of the season so I'm not exactly an expert at first week picks.)


Does anyone still think this team can win with Drew "Limp" Willy as the starting QB?

This team can win with Drew Willy at QB, but Drew Willy will not win games for the Als.

He is a manager. Two plays, under-throwing Williams on an incomplete bomb and not getting enough height/distance on the interception (which could have been a BIG play if he had) swung the balance.

They need a QB who can buy time by moving the pocket. That's why Adams won his three starts for the Als. That's what Masoli , Manziel, Bridge, Jennings also do. That's where the league is going. It is increasingly difficult to protect the QB. Too many hybrids and speed on defense. Where it is really noticeable is when teams get in the red zone. Pocket passers are having a real tough time putting up TD's.

I totally agree that a pocket passer, with rare exceptions like Ray, is an obstacle to a successful offense. So just another reason that Willy is at best a stopgap.

But IMO larger factors in Adams winning his games because he started the first against the co-worst team in the league, and the next two against teams whose final standings were already set and who thus played lots of backups. Calgary played Drew Tate (who attempted37 of the 43 passes he threw that season) and Hamilton sat Collaros down after the first quarter to give the Als new backup QB Jeff Matthews reps.

Maybe so. However it gave Adams some game experience.

How long is the "stopgap" going to last if you keep Willy as #1 ?
Are any of the young QB's going to get a chance at playing and developing? How much worse can they be than what has been in there over the past couple of seasons?!

Watched the game with low expectations but yet still I was disgusted at the end. Willy was at best mediocre and with that awful telegraphed INT in the 4th ended up poor on the day. I cannot believe that Kavis thought that he would be ok as the starter and they didn't go after anyone else. Its really pathetic that Reed is allowed to run the show, we are heading into the abyss already!!

He had a decent first half, they lost their RT, Wally made adjustments at the half and that's all she wrote. I'm not sure it was Willy.


Kavis only wants asskissers.

Lorsque Reed et Boivin ont invité les fans à la Bibliothèque Nationale, je leur ai dit que les fans pourraient pardonner aux Alouettes de perdre avec un jeune quart qui progresse aux commandes, mais qu'ils ne leur pardonneront pas de perdre avec unquartvétéran.

Apparemment, ce message ne se rend pas.

Nous verronsce qui va arriver, mais quand tu offres des 2 pour 1 pour le match d'ouverture deta saison 2 années de suite, c'est qu'il y a quelque chose qui cloche dans la vente des billets.

C'est beau travailler sur l'expérience client, mais dans cet environnement, l'expérience client commence par une équipe qui marque des points et qui est compétitive. Et ça, ça n'arrivera pas avec du personnel de 2ième et 3ième plan. Je ne sais pas pourquoi les Wetenhall sont les seuls à se tromper avec constance dans leurs choix de personnel, mais il va falloir qu'ils se rendent compte un jour que plus ils prennent de décisions de personnel, plus cette équipe régresse.

Drew Willy ne sera jamais autre chose qu'un substitut, alors pourquoi perdre son temps avec lui aux commandes de l'attaque?

Ouin, tabanouche t'est en feu aujoudhui.... :slight_smile:

Nouveau boulot = moins de temps pour écrire.

And the other 8 teams?

Don’t think it is Kavis, or the rest of the CFL for that matter:

I'm talking in general... That's how Hebert is let go and Logan is retained... There are many, many examples like that in Kavis career... Kerry Joseph for example.