Drew Edwards

For those wondering what he has been up to;

“the ever-declining level of discourse in the age of social media”

Well he clearly doesn’t spend much time on this forum! :wink: Maybe he wants a gig as a moderator?

Look no further than the treatment Simoni gets from Rider fans every time he posts something on Twitter.

Maybe now we can let the man live his life in peace?

Hes gone. Let him go. Remember the good times.

Omg, who cares?

I appreciate the guy starting 3downnation, although it has descended into a bit of a joke, but this is like a poster on here having a rant & saying they’re not going to post anymore.

Is there any truth to the rumour that Justin Dunk supposedly said he wouldn’t re-sign after the season if Drew was still around 3DN in any capacity?

I hear June Jones is gonna lure him away to write for the XFL next year

And if Jones signs Manziel and Austin as OC…Houston will be the nexus of the universe.

Drew has done an excellent job covering the Tiger-Cats for the past 10 years. In that time he has used new technology to give us all better coverage of our team.
Now it’s time for him to move to his new job as the Spec’s Web Editor. I wish him the best.
Thanks Drew!

What he said... ???

Now if you said Kent Austin was going to lure him away THAT would be news.

I always enjoyed reading Drew’s column . I talked to him at THF a few years back and found him to be

just a regular guy.

I’m happy to hear that the Spec is still home for him .

Pat Lynch (the old person )

I concur. The original Scratching Post that Drew ran is sorely missed. He would give us little daily updates on all things Ti-Cat. Now it seems we have to scour the internet for some random tweet about something that somebody noticed at practice.

At least we still got Milton and Radley contributing the occaisonal Cats article.

I’m glad to hear that he’s doing well. I always loved his coverage of the Ticats and CFL and never cared that he wasn’t a Ticat fan.

Can’t help but think Edwards had to distance himself for Dunk’s sake because of the friction he caused within the ticat organization.

You need to be more friendly when you’re the media. Pissing off a head coach (at the time) & the top star (if memory serves Banks stopped talking to Drew).

Point I’m making is the Tiger cats tweet is telling.

Which tweet are you referring to?

The one from the Ticats that wished Drew well in his new role.

It mentions that they appreciated "almost" all of Drew's beat reporting.

Innocuous enough as it ended with a wink emoji, but since Drew infamously wrote that one article IMO the relationship between reporter & club became too frayed.


In a way it might have been Drew's reporting that helped to expedite the shift in culture that we are enjoying right now. Those articles brought to light how some of the players felt about an Austin team without Orlondo and Condell.

Quite the foreshadowing when you consider that management acted upon this by forcing Austin out and eventually bringing back player favourites Coach Orlondo, Reinebold and Condell.

It seems as though June Jones and Glanville were just stop-gaps until the other trio became available again.

Reinbold was asked to stay on staff by Jones and he elected not to. Condell was expected back by Austin and he chose not to.