Drew Edwards -THANKS!!!!

As we get ready for another Grey Cup I would just like the congratulate Drew Edwards for the great work he has done this season, not only in his reporting but also through his "Scratching Post" blog.
Drew has been enthusiatic, thorough,informative and professional in his coverage of the Tiger-Cats.
I can also add objective. I loved it when he ran afoul of Marcel over how much information he should report after watching the practices. I don't blame Marcel and I don't blame Drew for pushing the envelope. It all highlighted the reality of being a reporter. How far do you go before the sources you depend for information .... cut you off? Drew raised that issue in his blog and let us all know where he had to compromise his coverage for very practical reasons.
Drew has raised the level of beat reporter journalism and I would say all of us fans were the better for it throughout the season.
Add to all this great work the excellent columns by Steve Milton and Scott Radley and I would say the Spec can pat itself on the back for its Tiger-Cat coverage this past season. :thup: :thup: :thup:

No question mr62. :thup:

Now let's just hope after a TiCat win that the cover of the sports section will always be a nice colour photo from the game. And I'd still like the CFL standings more prominent on the sports page but that's being picky as I've been told.

Great work, Drew. Great post, mr62cats.

I agree - great first season Drew. I hope our paths cross at the Grey Cup, so I might buy you a beverage.

DREW :thup: Thanks Pal

Agreed. A tip of the press hat to Drew Edwards for his innovative collection of almost daily links to CFL articles from across Canada and the United States and for his own informative stories and reports. Congratulations, Drew!

Drew had an awesome rookie season.

Much better coverage than "the previous guy".

It was nice to have complete coverage of actual practice and game facts without the constant cornball alliteration and bad puns.

Thanks Drew.

Great work Drew,thanks for a great and very informed year of Ticat's football.Give us another great off-season like you did last year :thup:

Loved Drew's blog and I would make it part of my daily routine.

Now I know you surf this site too Drew.
Please lay-off the I am tired...I worked 10 days in a row....my wife needs me to stay home today stuff....it is my anniversary today...

Another popular blogger that I enjoy Doug Smith from The Toronto Star. He is also up all hours blogging and informing but never complaining. Everyone works hard, and nobody wants to hear about it.

Drew's blog is required reading for serious TiCat fans.

Drew you did an EXCELLENT job this year!! The Scratching Post was my first website to hit after checking my emails ... in fact its one of 2 (and the other is Google) bookmarks on my BB :lol:

Your coverage was FABUOLOUS and so timely and topical ... it was quite clear that you walked a line between objective reporter and fan ... GREAT work ... LOOK forward to next year when you can report on the GREY CUP WINNING TIGER CATs!!!!!!!

It took some time to check this out but I can say with certainty that the person who started this thread, mr62cats, is not my mom. Or so she says anyway.

I just wanted to say thanks to the folks that have written nice things about my coverage this season. This is a group with high standards and I appreciate the sentiment.

My first year on the beat has been incredibly enjoyable. Though I may bitch a little too much, I do understand how incredibly lucky I am to cover pro sports for a living and the Ticats in particular. I'm already looking forward to next year when both the team - and the guy that covers them - should be that much better.




Nope. I'm definately not your mom!
I am the retired CBC Radio reporter who chatted briefly with you at IWS early this summer during a morning practice session.
I thought I should identify myself....one "which guy is it?" controversy is enough!

I've been meaning to chime in on this thread. I've enjoyed the way Drew shares his thought processes on his blog. e.g. Admitting when he doesn't think something is his best work; recounting his internal debate on a course of action; discussing the challenges involved in the job; talking about his learning curve as a rookie on the football beat.

You don't often see that from journalists (or anyone, really). Many of them tend to write with an all-knowing voice, as if admitting their own fallibility would detract from the believability of their words.

And sports journalists, in particular, seem to be highly prone to falling back on well-worn cliches.

By adding this extra dimension to his body of work, Drew helped keep things a little more interesting this year. For me, anyway.

I really enjoyed your blog, Drew. Along with your features. As mentioned, it was far superior to previous coverage and I actually like the personal asides. Makes it more fun and ...well personal.

It's great to see your enthusiasm and it's awesome to have updates from practice and even updates of some of the most important and "breaking news" items

I look forward to next year's coverage.

I also hope to see an announcement about the re-signing of a certain offensive lineman. :wink:

allow me to echo what so many have already said.

I enjoy reading Drew's insights. :thup:

by the way...

Drew, Have you ever met up with this guy? http://www.utsports.com/blog/2009/12/ne ... ssage.html

Seems you have more than a name in common :wink:

Yes, cudos to Drew.
I'd had it with Balsam Bengal Bunker(Baby Buggy Bumpers)!