Drew Edwards' Post-Game Blog- Oct 4/09

Here is the link to Drew Edwards' latest entry on The Scratching Post blog today. He is back from Calgary and notes that the Ticat locker room was "...not a happy place last night". Hopefully they get this sorted out quickly and focus on improving their offensive game plan for the game against the Bombers next Monday.

8) It looked like MB was trying to calm Porter down on the sidelines at the end of the game.
 Porter was visibly upset (at someone other than himself), and it certainly looked like Marcel was

 trying to head off any kind of confrontation, by the way he was talking to QP.

 With the comments that QP made on the radio in the dressing room after the game, it is not hard to

  guess who he was upset with !!  

   They had better get this problem solved, (and fast) before something happens, or we can kiss any 

    playoff hopes goodbye !! <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

    Losing that game, and the way we lost, was just a disgrace !!

Got to sort this out...and soon. Marcel has to decide which is more important - QPs development or team morale. QP is not happy, and hes been pampered at the expense of others...imagine how they feel after another AVOIDABLE loss. They ARE entitled to some reward for their efforts.
QP is confused and disillusioned...how much do you think he really LEARNED from that game ? I think thats somewhat evident in his tendency to throw the 4-5 yd. passes for safe COMPLETIONS on 2nd and longs.Hes afraid to make mistakes...generally, in that situation, the tendency is to make MORE.Were all like that. Unlike the rest of us,players,especially QBs , walk a tightrope : destroy his confidence and all hes good for is filling a seat on the next GO Bus out of town. Maybe with some luck, Mtl.,Cgy.or Edm. - the QB factories - will pick the guy up and do it right.
It just might be that QP and MB are at the same point on their respective Learning Curves...proving my belief that you DO NOT hang your hopes on ROOKIES -coaches or QBs- there is just TOO much to LEARN.
The MISTAKES youre supposed to learn FROM show up as " L " in the standings. Marcel, your team is becoming noted for " Snatching DEFEAT from the jaws of VICTORY. " Only SO many "Ls" are tolerated... then it becomes finger-pointing time. That leads to internal problems. MB , get the PRIORITIES in order...TEAM first...ESTABLISH the WINNING attitude - then let QP find his place. He DOESNT have to do it all THIS year. What IS paramount this year is to RESTORE the ROAR ...
and one man cant do it alone. We all see this team has great upside... its just time to make " 2nd half adjustments."

I hope coach mb told the players the truth, they blew it. We should have won this game but we couldn't finish.

Wise words, have to agree with it all !!!

According to Drew Edwards blog - The Tiger Cats were in maximum protect and a Calgary player went around Dave Stala and tackeld Porter. One interesting note - It clearly appears Porter did not understand or agree with the play call from the sidelines. So my question is and several others have asked the same question, did we use our final time out?

As far as Porter being upset - that is a natural reaction and I don't blame him wahtsoever. I recall another Tiger Cat qb playing a home game yelling at the caoch on national tv. That qb is the one and only
Anthony fumble - Bumble Calvillo ( at the time ) and the great Don Sudsy Sutherin. Porter has a right to be upset and if he did not understand the play and we had another time out left - use and get the play call right.................................... Porter has a trmendous amount of talent and we can not expect him to be an Anthony Calvillo with only 8 to 12 games under his belt.

I agree with you. However, some people appear to think we can and should expect that. Some here have suggested that the fact we lost the Calgary game by a single point is sufficient proof that Porter should be replaced.

If Setta had made all the field goals in the Toronto and Calgary games and placed the punts in the coffin corner - Porter would have been a hero. Porter is the least of our worries - the kicking game is killing us.

where do you see all this talent?
just because you really want someone to be amazing doesn't mean its going to happen...

Oh yeah least of our worries :roll:. Setta wouldn't have a chance to miss field goals if Porter did his job right and threw some freakin touchdowns.

Why is everyone babying Porter, I for one have not seen an ounce of improvement or development from him. what makes you all think he'll ever be any good, honestly?

In all honesty I thought Porter had a better game than Glenn would have. Face it, Glenn would have been sacked several more times and forced to throw where Porter gained positive yardage. IMO Porter put us in a position to win in spite o the brutal play calling in the 4th quarter.

In all honesty AKT I think you see Porter through rose colour glasses. In spurts and in spurts I mean a drive or 2 a game he has shown he is ok at best. I ask you this when was the last TD pass thrown when was his last completion over 35 yards. When has he once shown he is talented enough to lead a team. What improvement has he shown since last season. I bet if he was on the waiver wire you’d be hard pressed to see a team even scoop him up as a number 2. In all honesty he is shown about as much as Richie Williams only with better talent surrounding him. In all honesty even with a remote chance this team has to show its a winner NOW for the sake of the veterans on this team. Developing Porter right now shows we aren’t serious about winning like the past 5 years. This team has a rep that it can’t win how is what we are doing showing we are different. Sorry players don’t wait for the future they play for now keep this up and we can develop Porter till we are blue in the face and the good players won’t come or stay and we will be still in the market to over pay to get one decent guy. How do you tell an Arland Bruce or guy of that stature wait 3 more years we will be a force but for now we need to develop a guy that has shown very little that he is the future. Hate to burst your bubble but if Glenn was still in Winnipeg this team would very well be battling for last again with Toronto. They’ve started to show now they have talent and can win even with a QB like Bishop who Glenn is much better than. We likely would be stuck at 2-4 wins again.

Actually I see Porter as being average at the moment, slightly better than Glenn but not enough to get excited about. The thing is Glenn has no upside, Porter does. Porter is more suited to the Canadian game than most with his running ability. Porter can throw long, its just not in the playbook too often. Please don't tell me Glenn's wounded quails are better than Porters. Neither is blessed with a cannon. As for development vs winning now, IMO this team has shown in the past that its impatient and that is the reason we has been losing. Who the heck wants to come to a team knowing full well there is no plan and that 1/2 the team will be released before the beginning of the next season and the entire process has to restart. I really think you have it backwards. The only way to build a winner is to recognize when you aren't one and stick with a plan that will see you improve every year. BTW you might notice that I said Winnipeg made a mistake because their project isn't nearly as good as ours and Glenn makes them better. Glenn makes us no better

AKT: That sums things up very well. :thup:
I take back all those terrible things I said about you :oops:

AKT you seem confused if this is a development season and not one to tend for a grey cup why then did we load up on veterans. Oh I know because we want to build a winner 5 years from now with our Rookie QB. I'm sure the bulk of veterans came here with hopes of watching a QB develop slowly and very poorly and lose games that most veteran QB's win. No wonder there is tension in the change if what Milt says is true. If this year was meant to develop and not win why did we trade a draft pick for AB3 why aren't we stalking up on youth instead of veterans. With the players theyve brought in and signed this team is meant to win now. You say the future looks bright but betting dollars to donuts the guys that are carrying this team will be gone in 2 seasons the rate we are going. What great talented youth do we have to show this is rebuilding when I look at the roster its veteran packed not a team building for 5 years from now.

I'm not confused at all. We didn't load up on vets. We cleaned house and started a 2 to 3 year project with lots of 1st and 2nd year players and a mix of vets to get us over the hump without being embarrassing yet again

AKT you may have been right at the beginning of the year. At that time we were in a rebuilding year but the team came together (primarily the defence) and our receivers became much more dangerous thanks to AB3, and, most importantly, other teams lost a step. All of a sudden we are the second or third best team in the league and capable of challenging for the Grey Cup.
At that point, everything changed accept, of course, our coaches mind. He's still in love with a rookie QB who has proven nothing accept that he is a slow learner with some good potential.
Meanwhile the guy who can at least earn us a home playoff game and a shot at the Grey Cup is on the bench while MB and QP waste our only chance of making the playoffs in five years or so.

When the fire does get put out and the mess from this little explosion get’s all sorted out …


Someone answer my prayers …