As we all know, KP finished up his duties a short while ago and was replaced by Drew Edwards. Drew has now created his own blog called "The Scratching Post" to pick up where KP's Cat Chat left off. The link is provided below


Looks like a must read for Ticat supporters


Under transactions I see that Kavis Reed has resurfaced as a RB coach in Sask........ouch!!

It's full of information.

All the links to CFL articles in other newspapers across Canada
in Drew Edwards blog saves me from hunting them down myself.

Great idea, Drew!! :thup:


And Kavis Reed is Special Teams Co-ordinator, too, blackandgld.

Good for him. He is an intelligent man and a great teacher.

He once told me he was all set to consider medicine as a career
when one of his old coaches urged him to do a lttle coaching

and that he had become totally hooked on being a football coach.

That was fairly obvious to me because he said this
during a bye week before the last game of the season

when I asked him why he wasn't going back
to Edmonton to visit his wife and family.

He said , he wanted to win the game

which is really saying to do the
preparation needed to win the game

even though we had a 3 or 4 win season that year
and the game was really of little consequence.

Excellent and also nice with the links! :thup:

Did we trade Peters? What did we get for him?

Drew Edwards' Scratching Post blog is off to a very good start. The blogs are concise and have well organized links to other articles. Today's blog contains a link to a nice story about former Ticat quarterback Chuck Ealey:


Ken Peter's blog was ok at times. but then he'd seem to not check in for long periods of time and leave people hanging.

It's too bad because I think he had a lot of excellent points to make.

but then he spoiled it by talking about himself too much and ignoring football talk

the Christmas card discussion was the worst. who cares!!

and we really don't care that he sat in a park with a beer amongst the pigeons.

his self promotion ruined the discussion too many times and people lost interest

I'm liking Drews column, he can write all the football news he wants. :thup: :smiley: