Drew Edwards' Blog- Mar 8/09

Here is the link to Drew Edwards' blog on scratchingpost.thespec.com/ today. He attended the CFL Evaluation Camp today and includes Blackberry photos of some of the players and coaches.

On page 2 of his blog, he also notes that the Minneapolis Pionner Press is reporting that the Minnesota Vikings are interested in signing Ticat assistant GM Dennis Polian to work in their front office doing salary cap management.


Keep up the excellent work, Drew!


So far, Drew has been excellent.

Reporting. What reporters do. Love the new blog.

8) Yes, an inside source has confirmed that TiCat assistant GM Dennis Polian is leaving the Cats to go to Minnesota !!!!
  I thought at one time that the Cats were grooming him to eventually take over from Obie when he retires.  However, the money factor and prestige and greater opportunity in the NFL obviously makes a big difference in situations like this  !!!

 I have to agree with the above comments about Drew Edwards performance so far.  He is doing an excellent job !!!

Great work by Drew Edwards. Cliche-free so far! :thup:

I agree. Drew is terrific. I hope he's able to keep up his torrid pace of postings. Even if he can't, he's still great.

What he said.