Drew Edwards Article on Coach Bellefeuille

Here is the link to a good feature article titled "Saying is believing" by Drew Edwards in the Hamilton Spectator today about Ticat head coach Marcel Bellefeuille:


Good read, TCTD

It`s great to have Marcel at the helm here in Hamilton.

As the article shows, Marcel is a level-headed, humble man
who has developed his own philosophy of leadership.

He has won championships at the high school and university level

In 2001 he showed his strong belief in himself when
he left the security of a successful C.I.S coaching career

to take a one year job as a position coach in Regina.

There is no doubt in my mind that one day
he will win a championship at this level.
He won championships at the high school and university level `

Good article. Maybe something Greg Marshall of the Mustangs should have done, take a position first in the CFL other than a head coach. But when a head coaching position was dangled in front of him, hard to say no to I suppose.

Marcel's success is further proof that the skill set required to be a successful head coach is different from the skill set required to be an effective offensive or defensive coordinator.

Coordinators are basically x's and o's guys. Head coaches are more about preparation, team morale, discipline, philosophy, game day decision making on things when to gamble, when to challenge, etc.

So we've seen many very good coordinators fail as head coaches (Stubler, Daley, Etcheverry); Marcel appears to be the other side of the coin. . . medicocre at best as an offensive coordinator in Saskatchewan and Montreal, but a darn good head coach.

Good article. I really like him.

I bet if you google him, you'd get much better results than if you google a certain other "head coach" in the CFL :wink: