Noticed on the Main Board, that an ESPN Reporter for the Kansas City Chiefs are thinking that Dressler may have a tough time making the team... Apparently there are a few other players that the coaching staff brought in, that may be ahead of Dressler on the depth chart. So time will tell.......... Has anyone heard of any other NFL teams that Dressler may have worked out for? Or any other NFL teams that may have been showing interest in him? Thanks

Yep heard that as well. Also that Tresman likes him so Bears may want to give him a look. We certainly could use him back here. His game suits the CFL better I think.

According to

[url=http://m.espn.go.com/general/blogs/blogpost?blogname=kansas-city-chiefs&id=6791]http://m.espn.go.com/general/blogs/blog ... fs&id=6791[/url]

He is 5th on the depth chart

Also looks like Sheets is down the list sitting as an "other" along with two other players as far as depth chart is labeled. So certainly not in the top 3. Can we hope the unthinkable and both be wearing green and white in the near future? I guess one can only hope. Just hope Tahman is ready to break the piggy bank wide open as both of these guys if they don't catch on down south will come with a very hefty price tag but in my opinion they are worth their weight in gold. Man I wish the final rosters were all ready set for NFL teams. This is almost like waiting for Christmas. I just hope Santa is good to us early. :slight_smile:

hmm..I'd have a hard time believing Dressler would make it in Chi town if Fantuz couldn't. You never know I guess.

here's another report I had read...

[url=http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/red-zone/article777943.html]http://www.kansascity.com/sports/spt-co ... 77943.html[/url]

Hopefully he makes it somewhere down there. If not, break the bank and bring him and Sheets back. Go over cap if you have to.

I think the DA move may have been made to free up cap room should Dressler become available - just my hunch. I also don't think Sheets will be back with the Riders - we will be fine at running back as long as we settle on one main guy and stick with him. Good luck Weston and Kory in your NFL pre-season games. Both games will be available for viewing on the NFLNET network I believe - However the Kansas City game does conflict with our tilt with the Bombers.

Dress had one return for 21 yards. No catches - don't even no if he played a down as a receiver. Is it enough to keep him on the roster?

I think it was 19 yards, and on a kickoff. ~20 yards on a punt retuen would get some looks...not so much on a kick return

I don't think he'd make the bears but might make more on a practice roster then playing in the CFL . Chick stayed there for years doing just that. Sooner or later though you want to play instead of sitting out games. Nt much of a legacy.

The obviously far from official buzz is that Dressler will be cut withing a week and be CFL capable for LD games. A shame...I rather am STILL rooting for him to land in the NFL. That said, he may very well get other calls, and there is no gaurentee another CFL club would not trump his salary offerings significantly enough to move elsewhere.

Given the situation with the passing game I would think the Riders are probably all ready in contact with his agent about what it would take to come back. If in fact Sheets looks like he is going to stay down south they can go after Dressler aggressively and I can't imagine a scenario where they would not. At the moment there is probably only Getz, Bagg possibly Swain and Taj that are on solid ground. The rest not so much so. If cap space is an issue there is some moves they can make to accommodate Dressler. Great team guy and receiver and the only team that I could see making a serious offer that would be competitive would be the Argos given their situation.

I tend to think that the redblacks would be pretty interested as well.

I think Swain is safe to.

Sheets really isn't needed. As has been shown too many times this year with the Roughriders, throw almost any decent running back back behind that O-line and big numbers will follow. Sheets would want too much money more than likely and not give us much of anything more that isn't being done with the current backs. Now Dressler is a much needed re-signing.

Henry throwing to Dressler - no no no!!!!

I got a tip about Dressler today.. comes from a good source where if Dressler does not make the Chiefs another NFL is interested because the coach is aware what WD can do, I also think if he comes back, he would choose to play here, even for a little less money,JMO!

Would that be the Bears (Trestman)?


I can't take any of this Trestman talk serious. If Trestman was honestly interested, he would have Dressler in his camp right now given that Dressler gets basically nothing unless he makes the Chiefs. It would have cost Trestman very little to have Dressler sign with the Bears instead of the Chiefs. If Dressler thought there was even a remote chance that Trestman would be influenced from knowing what Dressler can do, he would have taken advantage of that.

It's just wishful thinking from CFL fans. Every time a CFL player is rumoured to have a shot in the NFL, Trestmans name is blurted out as the interested party.