Any update on his injury status?
Will he be ready in 2 weeks?

Man I hope so want all out best guns at the front. what happened to Quinn he was starting to show some promise filling dresslers huge shoes.

Coach Miller said "maybe" in his post game news conference. I'd rather Weston take the extra week and be ready for the GC.

yes we need Boreham and dressler and davis back i have heard nothing, did not realize how much i missed the play of Boreham until he got hurt, Riders sure need the skill of his punts the way he runs and kicks and gambles at times for that 1st down, this could really be key for the Riders if we can get him back in 2 weeks

I have noticed Burham and Dressler are both on the nine game injured list, does that list get scrapped once playoffs start? Because we used our second half taking one guy off on R. Williams. So unless that gets scrapped they are both done fro the year.

Huh? Other than one oops of a directional kick, the kid that's punting now is vastly superior to Boreham. And with his hangtime, we don't need our kicker to make tackles.

As for Davis, just after his knee got scoped they figured the West final weekend, so he should be close. Dressler - like everyone, I'd love for it to happen, but I'd be very surprised. Is he even running yet?

I personally don't see Dressler being back for the Western Final...

Davis should be back, although that new guy has been very good!

Boreham, is not a necessity.

You mean McKenzie? He was better against the Stamps, but in the two games prior he got lit up by Geroy and McDaniel. Having Frazier back against Calgary was hands down the most important roster change from the week prior.

Oh, and Omarr was lights-out. Romby never had a catch, and I think Hank only threw his way 2 or 3 times, and on the long ball Omarr had the better chance at it.

You know I noticed they had Romby playing a lot of the field side against Alexander, and Alexander held his ground.

I completely agree that Getting Frazier back was the most important roster change. Frazier is in my opinion the best halfback in the league.

I noticed that a little in the second half, and assume Calgary did that as the game went on to get Bryant away from Omarr. But that field WR position is tough to throw to, and with Omarr locked up man to man on Ralph (or Franklin or whoever), they could roll Partick field side to provide deep help to Alexander, who could then play an inside-under position on Bryant, and with over-the-top help, all you have left from that spot is a shallow (but lonnng) out. And you're right, Donovan did just fine.

I would not go that far to say superior he has done decent so far but to early to say really, one thing he has to get his kicks off sooner before he gets one blocked, I still like Borehams running kicks and first down gambles, this can really offset a defence with a guy that does that and can make a big difference in a game, will see how this new guy continues.

He gets the ball out slow, I'll give you that. But in terms of distance and hang time, we're talking different leagues. I don't care how many feet Boreham can kick it with.

I see reciever Quinn is done for the season, I did not even know he got hurt last game? wow that sucks :frowning:

It was on a run play in the third quarter, if I recall. All of a sudden he's lying crumpled on the field, about 40 yards from where the ball was. Never saw how he got hurt, but he couldn't put any weight on one leg, and once he got to the sidelines, he was off to the room pretty quick thereafter.

I think getting Davis back is the most important, i agree with the one guy that said #39 got LIT UP.. He did play better against Calgary but you need experience back there with Burris or Ray coming into Regina

hell ya!! Boreham usually doesn't punt super long balls, but he has game condition/ timing skills. Like managing himself in the wind etc. The new kid kicks off 75 yards fine, but his last two punts on nov 7th, out of bounds could have cost us big if Hanker Wanker could have cashed in better off our penalty yards on those two 4th Q kicks.......

Old man Davis's return is huge plus.

Hard to believe Davis and Calvillo are the ONLY two left playing from the expansion days.