I like this guy from Bismarck ND. IN 2 games he has accumulated 203 return yards at an average of 14.8 per return. He plays his role with a huge heart bringing excitement to the game, shows patience when letting his blocking set up, yet runs aggressively upfield with the ball, he's shifty and quick with lots of gears and a top end of 4.39 in the 40....He got robbed of 6 points in BC,but maybe this week he'll find the end zone as a returner........

Reminds me alot of "smurf" Fran McDermott from the 80's! Very similar style in returning kicks!! Dressler is getting closer each week to taking one to the house! This could be the week!

They should use him more in the offense like on a reverse or screen pass or something

Well he was a special teams DI for the last game, so that would have limited the teams ability to use him as a receiver.

Did not know that...makes more sense thanx

The guy's got some serious wheels. Impressive.

Dressler is definitely a keeper and his long returns will help our young QB's by having a shorter field to work with.

Speaking of returners does anyone know whatever happened to Corey Holmes. I have not heard if any team picked him up.

He's doin a blog on this website actually....other than that he has no ties to any form of football

Isn't that Corey Grant doing the blog?

its Corey Grant, Corey Holmes is potentially a highschool coach (never heard how it turned out)

Dresslahhh is a Playahhh...... nice run, lets hope he didn't pull a hammy and was just a little dehydrated and cramped up.......

Early candidate for Rookie of the Year?

im not trying to say anything but did anyone else notice what appeared to be something hanging low in his pants such as... poo? i almosted wondered if he was pretending to be hurt because he accually crapped himself... i mean if i was in that situation i'd do whatever it took for people to not find out...

depends what posistion.... if your a lineman you stick your hands in your pants (unless your the center and need to snap the ball) then you hit guys with poo hands! - lol

If he did crap his pants thats pretty bad ass

on second thought, it was most likely his tailbone pad

Dressler is Amazing. Completely and Utterly Amazing.

There's a new face of the franchise. He and Cates are gonna be fighting that one out.

Dressler is unbelievable. He catches anything that's thrown his way. What a great find he was!

The new kid on the block. Can't say enough about him other than WOW. He's the man.

Hope he is around for years to come.

If he only had like another 6 inches he would be a NFL'r with out a doubt.