Dressler signs 4 year deal with Riders


Really good news here in Saskatchewan on a Friday afternoon! This is a really long contract for an American player but he deserves the stability. This is an important signing for the Riders offence.

Great news for Riders and all CFL fans.

If they re-sign Nat OL Ben Heenan it will also be great news for all CFL fans; I know that $$$$$ speak, but I do hope that he will remain in the CFL; same goes for Jones in Calgary. Holmes has re-signed in Toronto.


At this rate every team will be fighting over Hamilton's roster come free agency.

I do agree with you.

Presently, players such as WR/KR Banks, WR Ellingston,WR Giguère, WR Grant, RB Grigsby, DE Hickman and LB Reed remain potential free agents. I doubt that Hamilton can re-sign all of these players.


Yup,hate to agree with ya Hfx but with about 10 days to go until the official FA season opens the Cats have 14 players still unsigned including the likes of: Brandon Banks,Bakari Grant,Sam Giguere,Justin Hickman,Dan LeFevour,Tank Reed,Marcellus Bowman,Greg Ellingson,Nic Grigsby. Other teams like Montreal,Saskatchewan and Calgary have been very busy signing up their key FA's while outside of Tasker and O'Neill the Cats have been strangely silent not signing anyone it seems. Last year Austin cherry picked a lot of teams in FA this year it's looking like the tables might be turned on him and everybody might be cherry picking our roster instead.

It certainly is very strange strategy over there. Maybe they have deals with most of their guys and want to pull a surprise.

Any word on how much he got? I'm guessing it took a pretty penny to lock him up for 4 years.

The guy is just suited to a tee for the CFL, great signing by the Green Team no question.

they are saying 200k x 4
Bonus 50k x 4

Yeah that is probably accurate. A little less than SJ Green but for longer term. Wow it's probably a $1 or 1.1 million dollar contract

Rumour floating about is $200k signing bonus, paid up front
Base salary $200k each season.
So essentially Dressler will make $400k for this season. The Rider have a lot of money in their receiving corps. Getzlaf at $225k, Dressler at $400k this season and Watson is making over $120k.

Doesn't the signing bonus get pro-rated over the length of the contract for cap purposes, which is the only $$$ concern the RRs have; actual dollars are not an issue for a cash cow franchise.

Thanks for the info. Am surprised he's not higher paid than Getzlaf (even with Getzlaf being a national). Anywho, great to see a bonafide star locked up in the league long term

No way they are giving him 200k on signing, makes no sense for the team or for him.

As for Getzlaf, the reason he’s getting that king of money is because Taman back-ended his contract (along with a bunch of others) to buy his GC.

Also nothing forces Taman to keep all of them. Once they know how their ratio will break down (probably after free agency). They can decide if they keep all these guys or if they trade some. Heenan plays big in this and they could decide to trade for a safety (Mike Edem comes to mind). I’m sure Taman and O’Day know what they are doing. Don’t worry.

It will be interesting to see who they can re-sign. I would have to think that Ellingson is as good as gone. Ottawa among others would for sure be very interested in a receiver who had over 800 yards receiving before a crowded number of imports emerged last year with Tasker leading the way. My guess is that Banks will be the biggest priority but he knows that he is among the hottest FA's.
On defense with two all star National DTs along with two young back ups especially Gaydosh and Hazime, Hickman returning to the CFL will also be very sought after as a DT. With a full TC he can return to superstar form like Chick and be better than he was when he left for the NFL.
FA Reed beat out both FA Bowman and Plesius and they got moved down even further when Simoni returned.
Giguere does not seem to be coming back. If not leaves only Fantuz as the only National threat on offense. TO Prime moved to FB out of necessity so that is a week spot. No FB/TE/H-Back threat could be something they may want to deal for.
Against Austin's philosophy having a RB like Grigsby who is a runner first worked out pretty well.

Obviously though Hamilton scouting staff is very good so sure, can't resign everyone but look who might be coming up next. I think the Cats scouting staff is second to none in the league.

Is Joe Womak still with the Cats? If so, then yea, you do have the best scouting staff. The guy built everything for Tillman in most of Tillmans years as a G.M.

Heenan just got released. Find out more tomorrow to see who signed him to a futures contract. If the Riders were looking to possibly replenish that RT spot with a form Rider Draft pick Matt O'Donnell in FA, he also has apparently gotten released in lue of an NFL roster. After being thrown into the fire coming back to Canada mid season from the NFL in 2012. In 2013 he improved dramatically and I beleive he was there top voted Olineman. In 2014 he was basically a utility backup.
A mentioned Holmes was locked down by the Argo's, sorry Ottawa.

I know last season when Dressler returned there were plenty of business' tat threw him some fringe benefits to re-sign. I would venture to guess that his agent may have been contacted with a bit more lucrative endorsement/spokeman deal that are a step up for a CFL player.
His price tag may have been about the same almost anywhere and his popularity could have tipped the scale. The Riders have also improved their National REC depth. trading for Watson gives them that strong starting type 3rd National REC to go with Getz and Bagg. He has seemed to be marked by injury so being the 3rd National rec in on the roster and could even enable them to dress 3 national and 3 Internatinal receivers.
Messam has really matured in his career and could really add a great piece of packages to the offense. Not only was he a power back running the ball but also used his size and skills to play a true TE position.
All that could be very important if Heenan does not return. there are several starting and all star calibre OT that have yet to re sign with their team, all internationals though.

I agree Edem could be a guy they could go after. Not sure if they would unload two top receivers. But with the Riders National depth raided last year and Edems fallen from grace in Montreal it could be a good fit. Usaully pretty key to have at least a solid back up National Safety that could start if needed and play teams, especially when starting an import there. Woldu has become a great special teams starter but is now a liability on defense if needed at this point of his career