Dressler Returning Punts

I really think that Chamblin put Weston in to return punts in the second half to show the newbies how it is done. My suspicion is that he won't be doing it to start the BC game, but that Moss et al. will be getting some serious lessons in the film room. Next game, if he doesn't produce, I bet he's gone.

I also think it was a factor in Chamblin's decision that, because the offence just wasn't poking any gaping holes in the Esks' D, that it was another way to get the ball into his best weapon's hands in some (sometimes) open field.

Matt D on the post-game call-in show commented on the perception/position that starting receivers shouldn't be doing punt returns because they could get injured. He was of the view that this is a bogus position and I agree with him. A receiver can get injured on any offensive play, particularly when they make the catch since they become the target of 12 guys on D. A punt return is really like a catch - a "touch is a touch" - and 12 guys are going after you when you have the ball. Don't see a difference myself. So why is it okay for him to get a touch when the ball comes to him from the arm of a QB but it's not when it comes from the foot of an opposing kicker? I don't get the argument.

I know I am raising several points in one but anyone got any insights on this stuff?

the only argument I have against using a starting reciever for punt returns is they may be tired from the return and then perhaps not as effective on first down. however same can be said after any play.

those that argue for potential injury I believe is because during special teams there are guys that fly down the field with a full head of steam looking for a huge hit, where a reciever is generally going to get tackled from behind or a by a guy trying not to get burned, not by a guy running full speed. Personally though I'm with you except I'd prefer to not tire out my starting recievers with returns and rather save them for offensive plays.

I am not a fan of a star WR returning kicks, but am a little more comfortable with Jackson doing so with how some of the new fellows did in the secondary. I agree that Dressler was likely put in to create a spark, and he did. Even if he had not had a couple respectable returns, it had potential for driving players a little further...same as the Esks swapping QBs a couple times.

I don't agree with using Dressler for punt returns either but Moss was injured that was why Weston began to return the punts. Who else do we have one our return team?

Jackson - Was dressed if needed, obviously they wanted to avoid using so he for sure ready next week and did not further aggravate leg.

Sheets - He was on teams earlier, but with his promotion to #1 RB I would think he is off the returner depth list...don't want to lose him to injury returning, and don't want him gasping for air for the next couple plays.

West - He has returned in the past, though I don't like it...he was a loose grip at times. I had thought they said he was not going to be playing, but according to this site he was dressed.

Rankin - He is capable of returning and apparently 3rd, at this time, on depth chart at RB

You could potentially put a guy like Sisco back there if need be as well, though I have no idea if he has ever returned a kick.

I do not like Dressler returning kicks. He is good but I would rather his energy be conserved for when we are on offence.

Both West and Jackson were on the 46 but did not make the 42

that's what I had thought as well, but for some reason they were on the game day roster...i never had looked to closely before I guess... I assumed it was the gameday 42, not the 46...cuz yeah, Graham was on it to.


I have to agree, he shouldn't be returning punts and field goal attempts.

BC always uses a specialist in that spot, to conserve your key guy. Its a long season and 18 games of extra abuse on our starters is wear and tear they dont needs. I'd say Rankin or Sisco. West if he's the backup RB.

As long as Sinorice Moss is healthy he should be returning IMO. He is good enough at it he just needs to get a feel for it. If he was smart he would copy Dressler's return style completely. Dressler is a no nonsense returner. He catches the ball and he starts running. Moss seems to catch it take a look then go. If he would just take off as soon as the ball was in his hands he would be a lot more effective. I don't believe there is anyone who could catch him if he got some open field ahead of himself.

according to Chamblin Jackson will be doing the returning this week.

at the end of this very good interview.

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