Dressler Released

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/release-granted-riders-part-ways-with-dressler]http://www.cfl.ca/article/release-grant ... h-dressler[/url]
REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced they have released import receiver Weston Dressler allowing him the opportunity to sign with a National Football League team, the team said in a release Thursday.

Dressler, 27, leaves Saskatchewan following six seasons in Green and White.

The Bismarck, ND native has built a reputation of being one of the league's most dependable and sure-handed receivers, hauling in an average of 81 passes over the last three seasons.

In 2013, Dressler registered 1,011 receiving yards and nine touchdowns during the regular season. The post-season saw him notch 16 catches for 240 yards and four touchdowns, en-route to leading the Roughriders to a victory in the 101st Grey Cup.

His best season as a Rider came in 2012 when he collected 94 receptions for 1,206 yards and a career best 13 touchdowns.

He was slated to become a free agent on Feb. 15.

More to come...

Well it was a good run Weston, as a Rider fan, hope to see you back here soon. As a casual fan, light it up in the NFL. Riders have some holes to fill as it was reported a few days back that Sheets got a tryout with the Raiders. [url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/01/29/raiders-work-out-kory-sheets/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... ry-sheets/[/url]

Dressler did an interview here in Saskatchewan and said he has requested number 13 to wear on Sundays to honour rider nation.
We will miss him…one of the all time rider greats

Plenty of reports saying that he will be signing with Kansas City. Can't say I know much about their roster situation, but I do know they don't have a #13.
I'd like to congratulate Weston Dressler on this step in his career. For selfish reasons I would have liked to watch him from my seat in Sec 42 for many more years (and then the new stadium as well), but I hope for his sake that I get to watch him on that smaller field down south. Good luck and thank you for your service as a Rider Weston.

Love that little guy.

Even though it's a blow to the roster of my team, I hope the guy not only makes it but has a long and illustrious career that ends in Canton and has so many Superbowl rings that he can't lift his hands. :rockin:

Weston has been pure class as a Rider and for the entire CFL.
What a competitor and pound for pound was there a tougher guy in the league.
A consummate team guy first, a huge whole for Rider nation to fill but all of us wish him nothing but the best.
What a legacy you left. You were the champion of small guys. You and Doug Flutie are the two best little guys that ever played in the CFL. :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Tough talented little mother for sure, all the best to him. A big loss for the Riders.

There is a joke here somewhere. Fortunately in the NFL they only have to count to 11.



Maybe Dressler should request number 12 and a 1/2 :lol: :wink: :lol:

I wouldn't worry too much. NFL is a hard league to crack. He could be a rider again by labour day or thanksgiving

Probably a Tiger-Cat...all Riders eventually come to Hamilton....

Edit: I never noticed before that you live in Duchess, Alberta. Is that where Sterling Archer is from?


Listened to an interview with Kerry Carter and him and his partner helped brand that thing in Seattle. I would not be surprised if they “robbed” their concept from Saskatchewan :wink:

If Billy Soup's report on Kansas City is correct, this will be very interesting and here is why.

The Chiefs have an undersized versatile wide receiver who beat the odds due to being undersized, Dexter McCluster, who is coming off his initial rookie contract and due a massive increase wherever he goes now:

[url=http://www.nfl.com/player/dextermccluster/497190/profile]http://www.nfl.com/player/dextermcclust ... 90/profile[/url]

McCluster is also a punt returner and has returned kickoffs and played RB in the past, but he is not hear the receiver that is Dressler. I'm thinking the Chiefs test out Dressler in the slot, paying him far less than they would McCluster for far better hands and routes, and release McCluster who more than likely will be signed by another team. I can't see the Chiefs or any NFL offence, except for perhaps the Patriots, keeping two undersized offensive players.

Note an undersized player in the slot on the Dallas Cowboys by the name Cole Beasley.


Oh no he does not have anything special for stats, but that's not my point because he has made the team for two years and had 39 receptions to his credit in 2013!

Once I saw Beasley play and heard the rumours of Dressler aiming for the NFL, I commented on a different thread in December that I started to believe those rumours because from what I have seen, Dressler is a far better player than is Beasley:


We'll see for Kansas City if this report by Billy Soup is correct.

Mostly politics.

What are you referring to Seattle "robbing"? Just curious... if it's the 12th man thing, that was taken from Texas A&M and the Hawks pay to use it... http://www.forbes.com/sites/aliciajessop/2014/01/31/texas-am-stands-to-earn-more-in-upcoming-12th-man-trademark-licensing-negotiations-as-seahawks-exposure-rises/ If I missed the boat, please clarify.

Some context please? Exactly what do you intend to say and how does your comment relate to the prospects for Weston Dressler?

As per today"s NFL transactions, WR Weston Dressler was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs.


[url=http://sports.ca.msn.com/top-stories/weston-dressler-officially-signs-with-chiefs]http://sports.ca.msn.com/top-stories/we ... ith-chiefs[/url]
[url=http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/10406999/kansas-city-chiefs-sign-cfl-star-wr-weston-dressler]http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/10406 ... n-dressler[/url]

Yes Dressler has been signed and my comments on McCluster below are confirmed.

Note the author's NFL bias on McCluster, though of course the final decision with all things being equal will be for business reasons. The Chiefs will test Dressler to find out if they can get the same or better results for less money than McCluster would be due if re-signed. If all things equal or even close, the decision will be for Dressler and they will spend the savings somewhere else line on the offensive line or in the defensive secondary.

Based on what I have seen for years now, I'd be more confident than not to see Dressler making the final 53 for the Chiefs in August.