Dressler released to pursue NFL Contract

With the Riders releasing him we should here some breaking NFL news soon.
Chiefs were the last I heard he worked out for.
I am not up to date with the Chiefs receiver situation but living in Philly I can see Andy reid being very interested in Dressler.
Reid like aquiring veterans to fill needs. usually an NFL free agent but in this case the CFL is not out of his realm as he also signed Phillip Hunt as a rotation DE.
In the case its a veteran in Dressler filling the now popular speedy Slob back position that can get lost in coverage but be where he is supposed to be when the QB looks for him

I hate to lose Dressler, but I wish him the best, I can only hope, when he leaves the NFL, I hope he remembers to came here first, as I am sure he would do!! We lost a great part of our O today! I hope they can find someone to fill his shoes, and that's a big set of shoes! :frowning:

CJME is saying Kansas city chiefs

WTG Wesston

TSN reports officially the Chiefs pending a team physical

Has been signed today,as per NFL transactions.-Kansas City Chiefs-


Hello Roughriders fans,

I am a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan and am personally very happy about Weston Dressler coming to KC. I watched his interview announcing that he was about to sign with an NFL team and noted that he is humble, thoughtful and appreciative of the Roughrider fans. Those are the kinds of players that we love in KC. We will treat him well.

I have always had an interest in the CFL, but it is hard to keep up with in the US. But, because I am a Corner Gas fan, I am therefore a Roughrider fan.

If you all track NFL football at all, I invite you to become KC Chiefs fans. I sense that we have a lot in common as far as fan bases go and not being from either the east coast or the west coast. We’re nicer than most Americans… :slight_smile:

Best of luck to the Roughriders and I will be excited to see #13 of the Kansas City Chiefs streaking down the field at Arrowhead Stadium (and at Mile High Stadium, and at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, and at Qualcomm Stadium, and at stadiums all over the US…)

Take care,