Dressler re-signs

Great news Weston signed a 4 year deal, My Jersey is good for awhile now!! Best news yet!! A few players left that they need to sign but the year is looking better as of now!! :rockin:

great news, I was starting to get a little worried

its fantastic that Weston Dressler has signed for 4 years.
now lets get the rest of the pieces in place.

This has made my day :slight_smile: Awesome signing, hope he retires in Green and White!

Whew I too was getting a little bit antsy about if this was going to happen or not. Good deal and hopefully we actually get him the ball a lot more then he had it last year.

well it certainly would've been awkward having to give the key back to the city if he didn't!!!, lolo

4 years is pretty long by CFL standards. Will be interesting if the rumors on the signing bonus are true to see if it handicaps the club in 2015. This club is going to have ~1mil in the receiving corps this season