Dressler out

Read in the Leader Post today that Dressler is not going to dress for next two games cause he tweaked his ankle against the Ti-cats. Think it said Bagg will be replacing him, will be nice to see what the kid can do...

hmmm, i guess thats more accurate than our ragg of a newspaper ( Times colonist ) which said he had a hammy problem. either or its a sh!tty deal. I hope Bowman steps up.. Also, bagg or mckoy or palmer step in? any ideas with the receivers? anyone know the deal with bagg? i dont recall seeing him play or remember much about him.. Or do we think Acree will be able to be thrown in with what little practise he may have gotten in by then? ( is he practising yet ? )

No, Dressler definitely tweaked his hammy, not his ankle. McKoy is on the 9 game and it's up to speculation who will fill in for Dressler's spot. Grant will be late decision because he has bruised/cracked ribs(I've seen various things saying either/or). If Grant doesn't play, Bagg will likely take his spot. The frontrunner for Dressler's spot is currently Palmer.

Sorry, I just skimmed the article this morning, read the whole thing just now. You're right, eyebleedgreen, it's his hammy. Miller is saying Grant's ribs will be good to go for the game so he's an option as well

Replay the Hamilton game, you can see the exact moment when he was injured during the run, you can see it on his face, but he still ran full stride for another 5-7 yards to the line. Dressler is going to be huge for this team, talk about taking one for the Riders.

well for the riders that bites but for the other teams its good lol

Berman is pretty similar to Dressler if he takes his spot.