Dressler gets key to the city

Just read that Weston Dressler was honored with been given the only key to the city ever presented. A nice touch and again another showing just how much he is valued here. Hopefully it pays off with a new extended contract.

I'm a bit surprised though that George Reed has not been honored in such a way. Dressler is a very good player and he deserves the recognition but still Mr Reed is certainly someone I feel also should deserve the same honor. How about big Ray Algaard ? He was so tough to bring down and would rather run over or through someone then go around them and he was a gamer for sure.

ya, I think that’s just a little over the top. There are a lot of great people that could’ve received something like that over him.

It was promised to him if he re-signed with the Roughriders for this season. Just like all the free car washes and sandwiches.. Etc..

I agree though that a key to the City should be given for something truly special... But a promise is a promise!

I know where does the time go? Just seemed like last week we were asking about a running back that looked good in practice but hasn't seen any game time. Tolston or whatever his name is, been so long since we even heard anything about him.Is he even still around? Anyways yes Summer has gone although the weather the last few days has been very Summer like and we know whats hiding around the corner. Gaaaak makes me sick to even think about it.

Well actually whats around the corner is training camp and then another sesaon of second guessing the coaching staff. Can't wait for it to start. :smiley: