Dressler coming back ?

Word out of Chiefs camp is Dressler is in tough to make the Chiefs, not sure if he would take a practice roster spot or just come back ?

ESPN KC Cheifs reporter today:

Adam Teicher ?@adamteicher 59m

Hate to disappoint my Canadian followers but at this point I don't see Weston Dressler making roster. Chiefs have some good, younger WRs

I'm sure the Riders are also following the events with Sheets. Sheets is expected to get a lot of time during preseason games to rest the vets but isn't expected to make the roster behind Jones-Drew or McFadden over in Oakland. He'll need to make a huge impression in those games or else he'll be CFL bound as well.

He’ll probably come back although the Chiefs may release Donnie Avery, move Jenkins up to number 2, so maybe there is a spot But heard they like Frankie Hammonds in the slot, if that’s the case then there won’t be a spot on the roster for Dressler. It’ll be interesting to see if he plays a few pre-season games.