Dressler back to Riders

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Not a surprise.
Dressler went back to Sask because he had a better chance of picking up an extra pay cheque from a Western Final and Grey Cup appearance. Also lower tax rate in Saskatchewan, Wynne just added a surtax for anyone earning $150k a year plus the surtax on anyone earning over $250k a year that Dalton had brought in that's on top of a much higher Ontario income tax rate. These things have to be considered when you move to a different province. A lower tax rates does put more money in your pocket along with playoff and GC money.

Dressler would like to take this time to thank Marcel Desjardins and the OTT RedBlacks for particiapting in the charade and driving up his price .

Let's not forget the soon to be taken from our paychecks Ontario Pension Plan deduction. I guess this is a tax for being stupid. It seems that Wynne and the Lieberals think that the regular Ontarian is too dumb to prepare for their own retirement and their own savings, so we need the gubbernment to save us. Rubbish!

2014 provincial income tax rates

5.05% on the first $40,120 of taxable income,
+9.15% on the next $40,122,

  • 11.16% on the next $69,758,
  • 12.16% on the next $70,000,
  • 13.16 % on the amount over $220,000

11% on the first $43,292 of taxable income,

  • 13% on the next $80,400,
  • 15% on the amount over $123,692

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Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani · 29m
Gap between #Riders and #Redblacks offer was about $50,000. Dressler makes most of it up in off-field endorsements and playoff money

You didn't show the SURTAX that Wynne just brought in for all earners over $150k which is on top of the surtax that Dalton brought in on earners over $250k

Add in Wynne's new Pension Grab on all workers in Ontario of an extra $3,000 or so a year deducted from your paycheques to give you a retirement income of $30,000 in forty years time, unfortunately $30,000 today is about the poverty line in Ontario in 40 years time that will be the equivalent of trying to retire today on a pension of $5,000.00 or a CPP of $800.00 per month, yah right, it's laughable, nice cash grab for the Liberals and what's even more funny is the idiots in the GTA that voted for them, right on, your going to get what you voted for soon!!

Congratulation Weston your in a good spot in Regina!!


Plus he knows that Marcel will approach him in a year and ask him to take a pay cut then trade him, better go where its safe.

If he is getting $200K, his taxable income is probably less, because he will have some deductions. But even if he pays tax on the whole $200K taxable income, in Ontario he would pay $72,541 taxes and in Saskatchewan he would pay $70,617.


It is a difference, but probably it wasn't the key difference.

Congratulations to him, he is an exciting player and an asset to the league.

BTW, I don't know how is contract is structured but if he only makes $100K this year because he is playing half a season, his taxes in Saskatchewan will be $28,179 (same source as previous post). His taxes in Ontario on $100K would be less at $26,440. The typical CFL player makes $100K or less: I tried a $75K, $50K and $25K on the tax calculator and always found Ontario income taxes were significantly lower than Saskatchewan income taxes.

Sure it helped Dressler and more power to him. But that is exactly what the RedBlacks should do. If you can't land someone, next best is to drive up his salary so that next time a bidding war comes along, you have cap room and the other team doesn't.

At a poker game and after an hour you still cant spot who the sucker is - it’s you. Dressler was never going to OTT. Never.

I think a sucker is someone who plans their life or opinions on absolutes.

The Riders offered him a short contract, which means he could take another run at the NFL after this season. For Dressler, re-signing with Sask for half the season is like crashing at his parents' house on his way through town.

And he knows the system, the coaches, the QB, and the city. And everybody in the province loves him. There's virtually no adjustment required on his part. Later, if he wants to extend/re-sign with Sask, that door will be open. If he gets an NFL shot, Sask has a record of not standing in his way. If he decides to test the CFL free agent market in the spring, teams will have more cap flexibility, and he'll have lots of lead time and training camp to get acclimated to whomever he signs with.

And don’t eat Oreos at the table.