Dressler and TBrack out for game one

Well a good way to start to the season. Its been announced both Dressler and TBrack are out for game one. Now someone will have to fill in for both. Hmm too bad we didn't have a big, strong, National receiver in camp that could have filled in on rotation. Oh man wouldn't that have been so cool to be so lucky. Now that I think of it a kid named Alex something or other had a pretty good camp and preseason and was as strong as a bull. I guess we could bring him in.

What this he didn't make the team? Well surely he must have been grateful and taken a PR spot when offered. NO? How can this be? Did no one tell him that he should have gotten on his knees and be thankful he was at least offered that? What is this? You mean he declined the offer because another team saw how good he looked and offered him a roster spot and he took it? It can not be, it boggles the mind that anyone would do this.

Well played Riders management.

He's a Canadian, he can't play receiver, everyone knows that. Just ask Coach Chamblin, that's why he has done absolutely nothing in developing any Canadian depth at receiver/sb. They stopped coaching Canadians for those positions right after Bagg and Getzlaf, I mean why else would we only keep imports since he took over. That Demski kid..... well we will just use him for the odd return and maybe a play that we would have called upon Neil Hughes to do, you know the garbage time plays (if they really need to pull him off the practice roster later in the season when we put him on it because we found an import and juggled the ratio a bit).

Seriously, CC has to wake up and realize that a big part of the draw that the Riders get in the stands is to see our countrymen play.

Honestly I didn't care as much whether Alex was Canadian or not but rather a young player that showed very good potential was the real upside. The fact that yes being Canadian it was a bonus in the ratio scheme of things didn't hurt and was a huge upside even that didn't sway them from cutting him.

I don't see Dressler as an American but as a Rider and I was very happy to have him back in the family. The facts are though that Dressler, Bagg, Getzie are all getting older and will be more prone to nagging injuries and here was a perfect opportunity to bring a young player in and get him up to speed slowly at first and not just have to force him in too quickly.

With Dressler not playing they could have used Alex maybe not as a first stringer but certainly in a rotational role. Winnipeg like to bring heat or at least they have in the past and a big sure handed target that could be used to chip block and release and get open certainly would have come in handy.

What really bothers me the most about them letting Alex get away is they were either so blind to his abilities or so naive that they didn't realize any other team would sign him. I think many fans were shocked that he got cut after getting a glimpse of his potential and the potential upside this kid could have had for the team. Now Ottawa is only one team that was ready to pounce while I have to wonder how many more seen what the Rider's management didn't or couldn't see.

That is what scares me the most. Sure you can say who knows how he will turn out or he may have been a bit of a long shot. That could probably have been said about Cornish or Bo too but after getting a chance they sure don't look like long shots now.

As a fan I don't always just look at the big goings on's of the team but see what seems like the little things going on are too. Those "little things" have a bad habit of turning into bigger things down the road and if the handling or more the miss handling of this "little thing" is any barometer in how well management can assess talent well we could be in for more then a bit of trouble in the future.

Wow. I've been on a lot of different forums over many years but I do believe that this is the first time that I've seen a thread go off topic in the opening post. :stuck_out_tongue:

My whole point of mentioning that Dressler and TBrack are out is that now they will need someone to step in their spots. We had a very good prospect in camp but cut them.

It is no secret this team is one of the oldest as per roster. What happens if Getz goes down or Bagg or both? Where is the youth to step in when the time comes? Or do we have to suffer through 3 or 4 seasons trying to groom new guys.

Look at Winnipeg and how many years they suffered for not having the fore sight to bring in younger players . Do we also want to suffer like we did in the past when Lancaster and Reed were gone? With a new stadium and probably new higher ticket prices will the fans support the team if they stink the joint out?

Why not adapt a plan like the Stamps and bring in young blood and start to prepare them to step in for the inevitable day that will come when the stars of today are not shining so bright in the future. A good mixture of vets and youth keeps the team more competitive not only for today but also for the future.

I don't know. Keeping Anthony would have meant having to let go Ryan Smith. We had a lot of depth at receiver this year, and got one of the best prospects at that position in the draft. Keenan MacDougall will fill in nicely at safety.

I was referring to Alex Pierchalski, not Anthony

Point still remains. Pierchelsky wouldnt have started for Dressler anyway. Two different types of players.

What is the issue with Tback? He missed all preseason too

The roster has been updated at riderville.

Dressler is on the 46. (still could be scratched I suppose)

Brackenridge is moved to the 1-game.
Walker is move to the 6-game.

Chick is dressed. (as expected)

Marrio Norman is DRESSED, or at least on the 46. (this is a surprise)
Hollins has been added to the PR. (I thought both he and Norman looked weak in Ft Mac)

Depth chart shows Connop startng at tackle backed by Agbaje.

Emry MacDougall Connop listed as NAT starters on D.
Labatte Clark Best Getzlaf Bagg listed as NAT starters on O.
That makes 8, 1 over.

Also, Messam is listed ahead of Allen and Miller which would count 9 Canadians if the chart is accurate, which it may not be as Macho is missing from the chart entirely.

I 100% believe Norman will be afforded the opportunity to earn a regular 46 spot and likely a 44...he had a super camp and did okay in pre season....beyond that the staff has spoken highly of him from practice and in the classroom. Jackson has also spoken very highly of him and said multiple times that he feels the 2 of them could be a solid tandem. I thought it might take a few weeks of practice to get him on the 46...but am not stunned he is there.

With Brack out it gives a golden opportunity to see MacDougall and maybe even a bit of Webster. Harris was practicing at Safety this week...so that is likely the contingency...Harris can rotate back and swap with MacDougall and also take over if needed and Knox can slide into Harris's LB spot then.

We knew one of the DLmen was going to get turf toe...was just a matter of who.

I am guessing Norman and JR (unless Dressler can't make it) sit.

One thing I didn't notice pointed out...Williams is listed ahead of Taj.

You got to see Norman in camp, I didn't so I'll defer to you on that one, thanks for the report.

As for Williams and Taj, I did notice, but didn't mention because 1 - wasn't surprised since Kory looked so good both last year and in pre season and 2 - wasn't entirely certain how accurate the backup positions on the chart were.

You say that Jamel could be scratched if Dressler can go, I actually think that there's a better chance of Taj getting scratched than Jamel - even if it's just that CC hinted that Taj is a bit nicked, but CC also sounded pretty certain that he was more than willing to rest Dressler if he wasn't 100% so I think that the point is moot. We'll see.

well, apparently Taj is not at 100%...so could very well be. After counting up the DBs...Norman likely dresses. I think they only had 6. Apparently Dressler is all but assured to be a scratch.

Looking at the chart again I think that there is an error. I only count 43 names. Macho is missing but Alex Hall is listed as starting end and starting LB ... I think Macho starts at LB.

And it looks like Norman and Jamel are the 2 names not on the chart.

which are you using? Go with the PDF...the others often have errors

Eww, PDFs. Ok, now it makes more sense. 46 names.

lol...yeah...frustrating. Sometimes all 3 different ways of looking at them will be different...but the pdf is more of a direct 'to the league' view so is more or less official

We need both back

Ryan did good tonight. Definitely Dressler 2.0.

Yes he was awesome, they just have to not throw a jump ball to him with tall DBs :expressionless: