dressler, adams, and smith all out for Bombers

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The Bombers will be missing 3 key receivers when they play Hamilton this Wednesday.

Winnipeg's receiving corps is so decimated by injuries that they just signed Clarence Denmark, who they dumped in the off season.

If we can shut down Andrew Harris, this could be a Ticat blowout.

This is a very very strange season what with the weird schedule the Cats have. Teams that should win don't win and teams that shouldn't win end up winning so expect anything in Winterpeg so STRANGE is the word for this season. :wink: :wink: :smiley: :cowboy:

Agree with catfish....who would have picked Toronto with Kilgore at QB beating Ottawa with Burris and all the receivers they have.....bizarre .

I am always a bit cautious about looking at the players who won't play! It seems that those are always the occasions when those teams come up big and bite us in the butt.

I guess that is the opportunity for the newbies to strut their stuff, and show what they can do?

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 1h1 hour ago
It's dark and pouring at #Bombers practice, one of only two to prepare for the #Ticats on Wednesday.

Ah but Bad Hank showed up for the game last night! My guess is that either he or the team decided that he was more ready to play than he actually was. Or is it that a four+ game layoff is too much for the "old boy" now?? :lol: :lol: Guess that they had more chance with a less-than-healthy Hank than with Jensen who I thought did a decent job when pressed into action against the Riders. Injuries are beginning to mount up for the two colours as well - Welcome to reality Ottawa!

Have to say that Stubler's defense did a good job of keeping the OTTRBs weapons in check though but they should have had at least a couple more picks off of Hankie's bad throws! And he was NOT happy when they allowed that first TD as depicted by him ripping into them on the sidelines.

Just saw the CBC weather and there are severe storms in the Winnipeg area today at least. Hopefully it clears by by Wednesday. It’s mostly been a really crappy summer out west so far.

According to Environment Canada:


It doesn’t sound too promising for Wednesday:

Wed, 3 Aug Showers. High 28.
Night Showers. Low 18.