Dressing 1 RB

Drew Edwards gives a pretty solid explanation as to why Austin chooses to have no Back up RB

[b] A number of fans have also questioned the Ticats’ decision to only dress one running back, given that it’s now caused them problems in two games. But small CFL rosters and ratio issues make dressing two backs a challenge unless the back up can contribute on special teams as a return man. The Ticats use their designated imports on kicker Justin Medlock, defensive back Ed Gainey and linebacker Marcellus Bowman (who both play top notch special teams and situational defence) as well as receiver Terrell Sinkfield, who plays some offence handles the kick return duties. To get another import running back on the roster, one of those guys has to come off.

At the moment, the Ticats don’t seem to have a return man who can back up at running back. They’ve had a couple in the last year – Kendial Lawrence, Lindsey Lamar for example – but those guys are both gone now.

The Ticats could dress Canadian Bo Palmer, which the Ticats have done a couple times this year. But Palmer is essentially a rookie and has only recently returned from injury: I’m not sure how well he knows the offence or how comfortable the Cats would feel in handing him the ball in crunch time. And dressing a guy just for insurance purposes is tough to do in the CFL: the rosters are so small, everybody has to contribute in some way. The Ticats are also employing two Canadian long snappers at the moment (Kyle Miller handles field goals, Aaron Crawford the punts, meaning that roster space among national players is also at a premium.

With Gable out and Madu injured on Friday, it will be interesting to see what the Ticats do next. Sam Ojuri has been with the team since July and he may very well be the next man up if Madu can’t go.[/b]

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hate the import/non-import rule!!!

just get the best players on the field FFS!!!

Why are the Cats dressing two Canadian long-snappers?

By the way, who is our backup kicker? [knock wood] To me, that's a much more critical position than running back to have a backup, especially as we've seen that Primé can carry the ball in a pinch. Who else on the team can kick the ball?

to get more import players at impact positions is my guess. but tbh i don't know the rules (aside from it being silly) about the game within the game.

I don't think the rosters are small. I think they're big. I well remember when the roster was 32 players. It made for some exciting plays and players.... Joe Zuger at QB and punter, John Barrow playing both ways and being an all-star on both sides of the ball, Garney Henley playing DB, receiver and returner. I enjoyed the athleticism displayed by these multidimensional players. I preferred it to the high degree of specialization we have now.

You are so right! It's a senseless, counterproductive, antiquated rule that deprives fans of the opportunity to experience a higher quality on-field product.

working on two petitions right now!
1 get rid of the import rule (or atleast get the number of non imports reduced)
2 get Toronto Make Me Laughs banned from using the Maple Leaf in any way shape or form . they aren't worthy

who's with me

My guess is that neither one of them can do both jobs equally well. Once one of them can do that, it will open up another National roster spot.

On 1 RB: Adding to the problem is that the Cats lost two starting Nationals, Bulcke and Wojt, to injury. When Bulcke was in, they did dress 2 International RBs. Injuries are part of the game, but the Cats have had their share.

On 2 long snappers: I don't think that is the problem. When Fortin was the LS and King was backing up, Miller was still playing most games. I think the problem is that the coaches don't think Palmer is ready.

On back-up kickers: I have asked this to the forum before but no one knew. Drew Edwards wrote that Koch (now on IL) was the back-up with Grant trying to be:

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/07/all-the-ticats-news-from-regina.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/ ... egina.html[/url]

Also Ellingson kicked and punted in high school although he's on the IL at the moment. Harris punted some in college.

I don’t by the what Austin is selling
Dress 1 less backup Linebacker who is a not-National Player
Cats Dress 6 LB we can get away with 5
1 guy to back up at Middle
1 guy to back up OLB

If one those guys go down move a back from Secondary into LB Spot
as have done before .
There always ways to Get a 2nd Running back in the lineup
It’s foolhardy not to have 2nd Running back

I"m not buying it either, Robo. Given the ratio considerations, I'd sit Marcellus Bowman.

Agreed …

This argument of small game day rosters is a complete fallacy,it cracks me up when I hear people say how the NFL rosters are so much bigger and flexible than in the CFL.....NEWSFLASH......the game day in the CFL is 44 players,the NFL is 46 players.
Yes the NFL roster is indeed 53 man as opposed to the CFL's 46,but in the NFL they have to declare 7 inactives per game as opposed to us declaring 2 inactives. So in essence the CFL so called smaller roster consists of only 2 less players than the NFL.
The main problem with the Cats in regards to the ratio is indeed the fact as somebody else pointed out is that the Cats use 1 Cdn starter on the D-Line rotation along with 3 imports since Bulcke got injured and the team has been using 3 imports on the O-Line basically all season. As far as I know,we are the only team utilizing 3 import O-Linemen,the solution is pretty basic really just replace Lewis at T with Simmons,move either Rice or Reinders over to guard to replace Simmons,and there you go problem solved you insert a RB into the lineup with the opening created by sitting down Lewis at OT. The thing of it is that we wouldn't even being talking about this if Wojt,Dyakowski were healthy this season instead of being ILed all season,and now that Bulcke is out on the D-Line it complicates things even more,unless we sit down Hall and start Gaydosh,but Hall has been IMO an absolute Beast all season playing in the interior of the D-Line. If you ask me there's no way you sit either Bowman or Gainey as DI's,you can't sit Medlock,rather obvious why and with both Koch and Ellingson on IL you need both Banks and Sinkfield dressed on game day,unless you want to go a receiver short on the gameday. When you weigh all the factors,I think the best move would be to sit Lewis or whoever the 3rd import O-Lineman is dressed for the set game,move Simmons back to tackle,bookend him with Figueroa at the other tackle spot and go with an extra Cdn on the interior of the Line,either insert Rice or Reinders at guard. I don't know about anybody else but none of the parade of Import rookie Lineman we have employed this year have really impressed me this season(Alford,Young,Olson,Lewis)in fact Alford and Young are long gone and Lewis was just recently reactivated off of the PR to replace an ineffective Olson as a starter.

This is almost funny. They can't dress a single backup RB because that would mean they'd have to sit someone else? Of course they would!
Backup kick returner, check. Back up LBs X what, 5?, check. Back up long snapper. Check.
In fact, backup every position should be a check.


Each team may dress a 44-man active roster consisting of:
[b]3 QBs (no designation)
Maximum of 20 international players (4 of which must be identifed as designated internationals)
Minimum of 21 national players

The four designated international players are players who can play on special teams OR replace an international starter (they cannot start).

Of the 24 starters on a team, a minimum of seven starters will be nationals players. When applied to a starting roster of a team it breaks down as follows (when using the minimum number of national players):

1 QB
16 international players
7 starting national players[/b]

People, people, people, this is the wonderous (a legend in his own mind) mediocre head coach the great pass oriented Kent Austin. He doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about a run game.
Why are his offensive sets so complicated that they take months to learn? Becha Gaudar and Sazio had no more than 36 plays and woe betide the player that fouled up.

Also betcha KA will be the head coach next year not me.

HOWEVER, maybe KA will quit coaching and concentrate on personnel finding etc. and maybe even hire LaPo as HC

I think the talk of getting rid of the import rule is a non starter. I think a good blocking RB is key for us. Hopefully Madu is healthy for Toronto. I'd expext a more fullback oriented offence this week.

Thank you. Dressing one running back has nothing to do with the ratio. It's because the loss of a run game is irrelevant in this system; we never run in anyway.

If Gable was healthy, Madu would surely be the backup, Obviously Palmer is not ready to see playing time or Austin just is not ready to trust him, so Austin dressed the players he would want on the field.(not his 3rd or 4th Backups)

The RB position in the Austin/Condell Offence is extremely important, he is just used a little differently.

Last year Gable put up almost 1400 yards of Offence,
In 15 games as the RB, Gable had 782 yards rushing(4th in the CFL) and 586 yards on 54 receptions last season.

Madu is having an extremely effective season in Austin's offence with his screen and swing passes along with his runs