Dress Code: Gang Colours and clothing

I know the title of this thread may be a bit puzzling, but I notice that Copps Coliseum has very public notices at the entrances now that they don't allow patrons to wear any "gang colours or gang clothing" and it also says this is an initiative they started in partnership with the Hamilton Police Service.

I'm just wondering if this will extend to Ivor Wynne (also a city owned venue) 8)

(no, I'm not a gang member ) :lol:

Wouldnt it be great if people "wondered" about buying tickets and actually going to games to support the team instead of wondering about non existent problems ?

Usually, the police like gang type clothing....the baggy pants falling half way down to the ground make it easy for the police if engaged in a foot pursuit....lol :lol:

Let's hope none of these gangs decides that their colours are Gold and Black. The police outside of IWS would have field day.

Ladies and gentlemen.. the winner of the creepiest signature of all time award.. deerhunter!

Either way, how about we see some people today at 4:00pm today. Come out and support our Bulldogs!

With Winnipeg possibly getting a NHL team, we might literally send the Moose packing!

Agreed! im alreaddy going, but Hamilton this is honestly pathetic, 1900 people at a playoff game against one of our rivals??????????

and people wonder why theres no hockey in Hamilton? :roll:


There is hockey in Hamilton. That statement makes you part of the problem rather than the solution. Go Dogs

...clearly if you were intelligent you would know i meant nhl hockey, im most definetly not part of the problem when all i do is preach bulldog hockey, i also went to over 10 games this season

go dogs go

Questioning my intelligence does nothing to alter the fact you said there was no hockey in Hamilton. That still makes you part of the problem rather than part of the solution even if you go to games. Dismissing AHL as not being hockey IS the problem and you are helping perpetuate the myth by your statement

whatever you want to think :rockin:

also i would like to appoligize for my rather rude comment, i can get defensive over my sports teams :lol:

Hey guys, this Sunday at 7:30p we got game six in the Calder Cup Quarter Finals. As of this post Hamilton is winning 5-1 against Manitoba.

It's Moose hunting season guys! Lets knock the Moose out and send them packing. Come out and support the Bulldogs!

LETS GO DOGS, really hope we can just end this series sunday, please no game seven

also hope Kluber can suit up, sounded like he took a dirty 2 hander :expressionless:

I do believe that sign is for the concerts that go through copps isn't it?
so why would you need it at iws