Here is a recent article on the Indianapolis Colts' website re Giguere: http://www.colts.com/sub.cfm?page=artic ... 6283452671

“In my mind, obviously the better level of competition is in the NFL,? Giguere said. “That's what motivated me to come here and stay here – to play with the best and to see if I can compete against the best and be part of that.?
That right there says it all for me, he can stay there for all I care, the NFL is NOT a better level of competition, its MORE money is all, call it what it is Giguere don't blow smoke up our asses.

He is calling it what it is. You just don't like it for some reason.

I love the CFL, however, he is not blowing smoke up anybody's you know what. The level of talent is higher in the NFL. They are paid more because of that talent. To think anything else would be just foolish.

I enjoy the CFL more than the NFL to be honeset, that does not mean I am niave to believe that the CFL is on part with the NFL with the level of competition.

You have your opinion, i have mine
that does not make me naive, if the level is so superior how is it we have all these NFL failures in the CFL, yet CFL players can go to the NFL and flourish.

It's a money thing plain and simple

Lets not get too crazy here. A player here and there might have a decent year/career in the NFL but is a very rare considering the amount of players that have played in the CFL.

Clearly, there may be a player or two on each CFL team that could get on a NFL roster but that pales in comparison to the amouth of players in the NFL that could play on a CFL roster.

I think you just proved his point. You say the NFL is NOT a better level of competition, yet you state that it's more money. Sorry to tell you but better talent is attracted to more money - hence NFL = better talent.

Look at it this way - would any of the CFL team's #1 receiver's be the 1st or even 2nd option for most NFL teams? Doubtful. You might find a few guys who are 3rd receivers/possession receivers (Cahoon, Simon)

Same with the QB's? RB's? Kenton Keith was a star in this league, then he backed up a 2nd year player and was a situation back for 1 year.

Of course there are going to be cases where CFL guys are able to make the transition, but you are disputing this because you like the CFL better, not because the talent level is better, or even on par with the NFL.

$$$ talks...

I ask you..

Giguere, never having played in the CFL, how could he POSSIBLY know the "level of competition" is inferior??

Possibly because he goes up against guys like Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney on a daily basis??

Maybe he doesn't know for sure, but he's being realistic and 99% of people would probably agree with him.

Yes, it is a money thing. And the money makes the NFL the first choice of virtually every player. The most elite players win the competition for the coveted high-paying NFL jobs, and the players who don't make the cut go elsewhere.

NFL players who come to the CFL and flop have already been rejected by the NFL, even if they had been successful at some earlier point in their NFL career. No NFL player at the top of their game voluntarily comes to the CFL.

Almost every player who "flourishes" in the CFL is already an NFL reject. Because of the difference in financial incentive, players who are presented with the opportunity to try out in the NFL do so. With very few exceptions, almost every starter in the CFL would prefer to play in the NFL if they thought they could make it.

Arland Bruce III, who's play is pretty universally praised on this forum, had a stint in the NFL and came to the CFL only when things didn't work out for him in the NFL. He is a textbook example of a player who is a star in the CFL, but would be practice fodder (or released) in the NFL. Earl Winfield fell into this category as well. The vast majority of successful CFL players who attempt to make it in the NFL are rejected. Young football players who enter the CFL directly do so because they couldn't get a try out in the NFL, or did try out and were deemed to be not good enough.

The number of CFL players who go to the NFL and flourish is very small compared to the number who attempt it. By implying that CFL players who flourish in the NFL are the norm, it is like you are pointing to lottery winners and saying "that's what happens when you buy a lottery ticket", ignoring the overwhelming number of people who play the lottery but don't win.

You have to be dreaming to think that the talent in the NFL is not better than the CFL. You could debate that it is not as much better as some believe, and I would agree, but there is no doubt it is better, not the same or worse.

Your argument that NFL players come to the CFL and don't dominate does not equate to the CFL having better talent. The fact is the CFL is a slightly different game because of the size of the field. It requires players with more speed and in many cases more stamina, while the NFL is more about being bigger and more powerful.

While it's tough to put a number on it, I would say NFL players are about 10-20% more talented than CFL players, and unfortunately CFL players are paid about 10-20% of what NFL players get paid. This is the real reason Giguere is in the NFL, and no-one should blame him, or be surprised.


Who cares if the NFL is better or not ?? Giguere still has to make the roster and if not he will again be on the practice roster . If it is as i think it is , they can only be on the Taxi squad for 2 seasons , thus Giguere would then have to hope another team wants him , if he cant find another team to sign him, is he not in the same position as Corey Mace ?? If he wanted to play football then he would have to come here and TRY and make our team .

We`d still be in the drivers seat and would have another receiver with a lot of potential on our team . Good luck this season Mr Giguere we will be watching with great interest !!!!

I agree the NFL on avg is more talented. However I think some of you forget, the NFL is very cookie cutter, if you don’t fit the mould at your position your barely given a shot. I’m sure there’s plenty of players in the CFL who are much more talented then their NFL counterparts but were deemed too short/small etc.

CFL looks for different types of players so on some levels they’re not even looking for the same types of players.

I remember years ago when Flutie was asked about the talent comparison and he said the CFL level of talent is on par with the NFL with the exception of the top one or two players per NFL team. He's talking about the elite stars there.

He said this while he was experiencing success in his 2nd run with the NFL. Wish I had a source.

How would he know the competition is better, he has never been in regular season game

How would he know the competition is better, he has never been in regular season game

All the players in the CFL that are former NFL guys do have pretty much the same skill level as guys that made it down there. The big difference is that the guys that don’t make it there have sometimes very fundamental things wrong with their game. ie. height, weight, arm length, fumbles etc etc.

Because of the much higher pay the NFL can be a lot more choosy about players plus they also have a much wider range of guys to get talent from and that want to play in the NFL. So things like little flaws can get a guy cut down there but the same issue up here may never be an issue.

Minimum CFL Salary is 41K… The NFL is about 270K. No comparison. Thats more than some starting QB’s make in the CFL. I guarantee guys like Lefors and Durant make less. On an NFL team the long snapper or 3rd string LB make more.

Its not just more money. It the fact that the extra money allows their standards to be much higher and in turn brings in a higher level of talent. We get the scraps up here. Most imports up here have tried every opportunity for the NFL they possibly had before even thinking of coming up here. That alone will give them more talent.

Another thing is that those talented players that have flaws can and have cost games up here even. Lower pay inherits a higher tolerance for flaws and errors.

The big difference is that the guys that don't make it there have sometimes very fundamental things wrong with their game. ie. height, weight, [b]arm length[/b], fumbles etc etc.
Ahhh yes, one of the most common fatal flaws for any wannabe NFL player....arm length. :lol: :lol: :roll:

That extra inch of wingspan is needed for Linebackers to fully grasp the opponent when they tackle them. AHAHA. :lol:

That one comment made that whole post a joke man. You are a joke.

Wanker is correct.

Plus, if ol' Sammy wants to languish another year (his prime) on a PR, that's his choice. But I thought he was a football player. Football players, for the most part, like to challenge themselves in football "games".

Arm length is no joke. Just ask these guys: :wink:

[url=http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/sni/lowres/snin52l.jpg]http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoon ... nin52l.jpg[/url]

I'm a joke? OK..

In both NFL and CFL draft combines every single player has their arm length and even finger span measured. If it wasn't important then why would they measure it?

You are a typical football fan.. you think you know the game but you do not. Those little things ARE important. Ignorance is bliss huh?