Dream Duo

Flutie to Fernandez, setting records never to be broken. Stuff dreams are made of. Coulda happened too, if only Doug had come straight to the leos from college. Damn USFL.

How about Cam Wake lined up beside James "Quick" Parker? Other teams would just walk of the field in fear.

We're too good at drafting for our own good and lose too many players to the NFL. Damn yanks.

hmm. only lions fans have dream duos, everyone else just wishes they had one dream player I guess :lol:

Yah, we've got / had too much talent over the years for a dream team so we have to pick 1A and 1B at pretty much every postion. Lui, Wake, Geroy, Parker, Henry White, Dewalt, Flutie, McManus, Fernandez, the names go on and on.

The Lions had some very good players Fernandez being probably the best receiver. Man that guy had hands the size clothes baskets.

The Stamps did have a dream duo for a while. Flutie/Pitts,

Hard to beat that combo.

why the hell didnt stamp fans vote more. apparently wpgers were more supportive of kharistegall for some reason. grrr

Then again, I voted for Flutie McManus over DewaltFernandez cause I think Mervyn made dewalt and otherwise dewalt sucked. Not a very bright QB. Specially after his foot speed started to slow.

If Mervyn had play 10-12 yrs in CFL, it would be Pitts who, Stegall who. Not putting those guys down, just pumping Mervyn.

My namesake is blushing...

Warren Moon to anyone of those Esks receivers during their 5 GC run. That was a dream team, not just a duo.

Les Browne and Rod Hill in the same secondary…Wait that wasn’t a dream! If only we could have those guys back…
I still remember listening to a game on the radio while I was at work where rod Hill picked the ball off 5 TIMES in the game. :rockin:

less brown and andre francis.