Dreadlocks (legal to grab?)

I'm watching video of Ottawa and I see two Ottawa defence players with dreadlocks down to their waist.

If one of those players intercepts a pass/recovers a fumble and takes off running, can an opposing team legally grab that hair stuff and pull them down?

Hair tackles are still legal in both CFL and NFL as far as I'm aware. There's been requests to ban it but I don't recall hearing anything come from it.


Grabbing the hair is legal. The argument is twofold. 1) If you wanna grow it, it's your responsibility if it gets pulled, and 2) if it was illegal, everybody would be growing their hair as a defense against being tackled. You can't expect a defender to have to avoid hair like that to make a play.


On a related note, you want to grow your hair long, you suffer the consequences as Plaxico Burress found out in the NFL.

He made a diving catch, but as his body twisted in the air his head turned, his dreads flipped over and ended up brushing the sideline, so the catch was ruled out of bounds.

The commentators spent the rest of the game joking about "if only he'd had a crew cut" whenever the camera highlighted him.

In 2018 the Cats had a Kick Returner named Shakeir Ryan. He had some shorter dreads. During a return a Stamps player grabbed him by the hair and pulled him right down. There was no penalty and it was explained that it was a legal tackle.

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