Drawing the Line: TSN special series

I've been following this on TSN and was wondering what everybody's thoughts were on the subject, is their to much violence in sports? where do you draw the line? what is a good football hit? how do you prevent head shots is any sport?

I haven't watched the TSN series, but on the topic of violence in sports in general, I get annoyed by people who excuse violence today on the basis of what was accepted in earlier generations. Recent media reports on the negative long-term health outcomes for professional football players suggest that some things that were considered "harmless" or "just part of the game" in the past can have serious long-term consequences. The CFL and NFL have both been making noise recently about taking concussions more seriously. It will be interesting to see how that plays out in the long run.

I also think the league needs the power to come down hard on guys who deliberately try to make the game even more dangerous than it inherently is.

From the TSN site....

"Fifteen years after retiring from the CFL, Dunigan is still waiting for the clouds to lift from the 12 diagnosed concussions that he sustained over the course of his career as a superstar quarterback."

"12 diagnosed concussions" .....WOW!!!! and he played from 1983 to 1996...I wonder how many other hits he had that the doctors then missed??? Since they knew a lot less about the problem back then...