Drat! Got Bills/Steelers Tix

As a huge Ticat and Steeler fan I wasn't planning on paying $250 to see Big Ben for one series at Rogers Centre, but some tix just fell into my lap and my boys want to go, so now I guess I'll have to watch the Ritchie Williams show later on the PVR.
Shhhh, nobody spoil it for me and tell me the score, k?

Even though it's the Steelers, you should be ashamed of yourself...lol.

I think everyone on this site should PM him the score.

On the other hand, I won't have to watch a single Wendy's commercial...

(disclaimer: Just kidding, I'm a big fan of Wendy's as a sponsor of the CFL and we're very grateful for your support, and we love your original, clever, creative commercials and we never get sick of them no matter how many times we see the same commercial over and over, over the course of a game, over and over, over the course of a week and repeatedly over the entire season, and in fact, we as true CFL fans never eat fast food at any restaurant except Wendy's and in fact I'm heading there shortly for lunch...)

Hey, did you know that Wendy's is running a promotion where you can kick a field goal and win money?


Next you are going to tell me that there is some sort of crazy bacon-laden hamburger for sale. That'll be the day!

  • paul

I'd love the idea of ground beef that is fresh, never frozen if it weren't for the fact that the food handling is often done by 16-year-olds, presumably making minimum wage.

okay I give up, who is Big Ben??

(Make sure you wear your Cats jersey and bring a “No Bills” sign…then we’ll forgive ya!)

lmao i cant believe you going to see the steelers :stuck_out_tongue: lol wait for a real team to come like the Patriots

geez i didnt know that teams that cheat could be referred to as a "real team"

Wow I can't believe anyone on this site is actually supporting the NFL in Toronto. I find it really upsetting even to watch CITYTV pushing this event on Breakfast TV. And your taking your kids? What a travesty. I guess Southern Ontarians will not be satisfied until we have everything American. I'm not even going read about them in the newspaper nevermind go. Sad very sad. I actually like the NFL and the Bills, but in the U.S. and Buffalo.

Some QB the Steelers have, called Ben Roethlesberger (sp?), the "pride of Lindsay, Ohio"

I think all CFL fans, here included, should make an effort to attend the Argo game on Friday as a show of protest and support.

Why would anyone go to the snore-fest that is an NFL exhibition game?

i like that idea, captain.
im gonna make some calls to see who wants to go with me to that 'protest game'.

heck, ill skip work if i have to.

I'll wear my "Argos and Bills Both $uck" T-Shirt to both games :smiley: .

I want a shirt like that...lol.

I'm a Steelers' fan, but I wouldn't pay that price to see them play.

I'm making a plea right now to have the Ticat front office email and call predscoachbrew and let him know what the score is so we can ruin it for him. lol. I'm even thinking of hiring one of those planes that fly signs and flying it over the skydump or whatever they're calling it nowadays. :stuck_out_tongue:

Captain, I was thinking the same thing about the Argo game on Friday night but it’s probably sold out, no, because the 500 level isn’t open?

I can't believe the price. As I mentioned, I acquired these tickets (generosity of a business colleague), but was shocked to see $255. each for nosebleeds...

My PVR is set for TSN tonight and I'll enjoy Ritchie's performance in the wee hours upon my return to BrockVegas. Go Cats!

Wow I can't believe what I am reading. The NFL is not coming to Toronto full time any time soon. The ones who got fleeced are Ted Rogers and company for paying $70 million or so and the 20,000 fans who actually paid for a ticket to tonights game. For one, there is no way that an American based team will be moved to Canada. That being said, the only way for Toronto to get a team is via expansion. Hence the Bills showing up in TO is to expand/protect their territorial base and make a quick buck.

My 2 cents!



Are you responsible for that new 24 Hour Billboard on BlueJays way that shows The Score? 28-21 Bombers in the fourth Quarter it said... CHML did the rest on the ride home.
Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't stay up to watch the 'highlights' last night when I got home at 3:30 am...