Draftee Videos

CFL.ca has put up videos of 2007 draftees.

Click here to take a look at some film of the newest Ticats including Chris Bauman, JP Bekasiak, Eric Ince, Jordan Rempel and Chris Getzlaf.

OMG they could have tried to put a little effort into that. They must have had a grade 5 student edit Baumans highlight reel together. They chose 2 plays that went for 5 yards each and they were filmed by what seemed like some guy sitting in the bushes a mile away from the stadium with a telephoto lens on.

I dont see whats wrong with it. Most of these games arent televised so most film on these players are from scouting tape.

Everyone is a critic :wink:

I realize that, but they could have shown a big play or something. And the weird thing is the best quality video I saw was for Rompel, too bad one clip was a false start and the other he got beat.

Rempel did look pretty bad in his video, but he still has two years left in college, and with his physical size combined with the right coaching, he could improve substantially.

Did you consider that maybe those were two of his biggest plays? :lol:

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