With the 6th overall pick:
Nic Demski

I'm happy with this pick. Hopefully We don't trade him away. He could do very well with the new coach chapdelains system.

Almost fell out of my chair seeing the Riders under Chamblin pick an offensive player that wasn't a linesman first round.

That being said, I won't put much faith in him getting any meaningful reps. We had Sisco and we let him rott on the sidelines for years.

Seems like a good pick. We do lack a bit of depth at National receiver so this should help. I don't know if he'll be a starter right off the hop, but it's a position of need going forward.

No doubt lol

Wasn't shocked at all they picked up Demski actually. I Mentioned in another thread that they would probably dangle him/the draft pick over the Bombers. Shame the trade for both the Bombers 2nd round picks (ie Cats/Als trade) I thought might happen never went through as they could have picked up Durant + another.
Was also happy to see that they went after some DL and RB/FB talent with their other picks (and can use Demski at RB if desired)
Matt Rea, I think, could be a bit of a nice pickup. Probably could have got him a round later, but he could be the Szarka like FB they have been missing since...well...Szarka

I felt Calgary drafted the best, at least through 3 rounds.

  • An OLman who will probably be rotational but could start, or start next season (thy have depth so can wait)
  • A steal with Durant. A player I mentioned I thought might fall into the 2nd round, but I never thought would fall that late into it. Potentially the best WR in the draft
  • Another depth NI RB for succession competition to Cornish. Amazing the depth they have there, probably means Tosten doesn't make it through camp now.