Count down is on. Getting pretty excited. Already have the jersey on. Talked both females into leaving the house. Beastie Boys on the stereo
Hoping both the receivers are still available at nine so I can agonize over which one Huff takes. :lol:
Definitely feeling nerdy... and I don't care. :cowboy:

Esks trade a Canadian Receiver away to move up in the draft. :thup:

Getting the Esks jersey out!

CFL ?@CFL 6m6 minutes ago

TRADE ALERT: @Ticats acquire OL Ryan Bomben from @MTLAlouettes for picks #8 & #24 - http://on.cfl.ca/MSiIc #CFLDraft

Ticats get a starting caliber OL with experience. Als open up a spot for Philip Blake and a couple of high picks to restock. Still, edge to the Als IMO.

Sounds like a win-win to me. It's all about need and timing. The Ticats need more national depth on the o-line today. Plus they already acquired a third round pick from Winnipeg, so trading away a lower third round isn't a big deal. First and third round pick, who might start in a couple of years, for a solid player where they absolutely need help is a good deal for Hamilton. And the Als get two picks for a player they don't mind giving up is a good deal for them too.

Kent makes a great deal to land a solid Starting National linemen with a mean streak! Like it lots!!!

Can't wait for the draft!

Training Camp and the season is not far now:))

I agree; and as a pending UFA born in Burlington and who went to Guelph he is going home.

Martin Comtois of Le Droit is reporting that the RedBlacks have Mateas on site, jersey in hand.

Alex Mateas (OL) goes 1st overall to the REDBLACKS

It is in the short term I think it's win win. But the extra early picks allows the Als to take a flier on a future player like Covington than another team may be able to. That's why I gave them the edge.

[b]AJ Jakubec[/b] ?@AJonSports Alex Mateas has signed a three year contract with the REDBLACKS. #CFLDraft

Bombers pick Sukh Chungh (OL) 2nd overall

Sean McEwan OL goes 3rd overall to the Argonauts

Chris Ackie (DB) goes 4th overall to the Als

So Groulx falls to the Lions. Have to think he's the pick. They need National OL.

ESE Mrabura-Ajufo (DL) goes 5th overall to the Lions

WOW. NVM. Lions go off the top end of the board with the 18th ranked prospect Ese Mrabure-Ajufo, a DL. Any mock drafts even predict this player goes in the first round?

I didn't see any? Good for him though :thup:

And after all this TSN decides to drop online coverage as the third pick comes up and force me to TSN.Go which I do not have available so now can not watch at all. Why did they even bother to advertise that it was available on TSN.ca if they were not going to show it. If this was a planned forcing then very bad decision and pisses me off. We complain about Rogers all the time but here goes Bell/ TSN frustrating their core. BAD BAD BAD :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
At least you guys are telling who is getting picked.

Riders take Nic Demski (REC) 6th overall

Edmonton takes Danny Groulx (OL) 7th overall