Who would you like to see drafted into the Green and White?

My vote goes for Matt O'Donnell ( OL ) in first round, then depending on where our other picks are hopefully just a Canadian stud on the D somewhere. and DBs or LBs that look the bill ?

I don’t know to much about the players names and all :oops: but I do know our main weakness point is our pass Defence Omarr is only getting older and we need a guy to develop under him for his time being so I say the Saskatchewan Roughriders select a Defensive Back in the 1st round, after that I think we need an O linemen, and maybe even a kicker until Congi is healthy cause as of right now I would rather have Hawkins kicking our field goals then any of those 2 noodle legs (except for our punter he’s good…at punting)

DBs are often imports, and are relatively easy to acquire. I would not draft that high, as you are likely to pick one up easily on the open market (NFL flunky). This is supposed to be a great year for linemen on both sides of the ball, especially OL. I agree they should probably pick one up. However, I don’t recall them ever having this much depth on the OL. They have picked up 6 or 7 OL since late last year, so it may not be at the top of their list, but it will still be there.

I think that the biggest needs are DL (a solid pass rusher), OLB, ILB, RB, then OL. There is a lot of new blood in the OL area. They have a couple good prospects in the mix. You don’t want too much youth there, just blend it in with the vets, then pick up another guy next year. Really, i think an OL might be a wasted draft this season with the moves they have already made.

I see what your mean but other depth is consisded of guys 30 and over, look at Wayne Smith? If we can start grooming young Linemen now then we will have a brighter future. And yeah we should get a linebacker/DL

Round Pick Team
1 7 Saskatchewan Roughriders
2 15 Saskatchewan Roughriders
4 30 Saskatchewan Roughriders
6 40 Saskatchewan Roughriders via WPG
6 46 Saskatchewan Roughriders

yeah, i noticed the draft order...why does Calgary pick ahead of the Riders? Did they not finish ahead in the standings, or is there some obscure clause that say it does not matter where you finish in the standings, GC win = last pick, GC loss = 2nd last. Rather silly.

Sorry to report bro but that's how it works, for exp in the NFL the Packers will have the last pick and the Steelers will have the 2nd last pic. Then after that I think it goes (for the CFL) West and East Final losers, Semi-Final West and East losers than those missed play off losers :stuck_out_tongue: anyways probably the fairest way somebody goes 16-2 and loses in the West Final they would get the 3rd last pick in the Draft here's a link to the whole draft order...


Those are just Sask's picks, you can change the team in the scroll bar....

Well i do agree with your thoughts of needs, i think that when a tower of a man comes around, if he's available... PICK HIM... ( matt odonnel ).. The majority of our newly aquired OL to mee seem old, and possibly last legged ( only a few seasons left ) which works out great for newbies comming in. Out with old in a few years and bam newbie steps in when he's good and ready.

OL / DL would be good.. and LB aswell... although i think they could get some decent import LBs or DLs so long as the ratio were dealt with acordingly

They have a couple very promising young OL that have never taken a snap in the CFL...one of them a SK product who was on the practice roster last year. The OL looks pretty good to me. You don't want to bring too many young OL in at once, or you get what BC had last season. Work them in slowly, bring in a new guy every couple years. They need to pick up one OL this year, one next.

ECamp is done. Who do you want? Who do you expect will be available? See Any trade ups or down possible?

Personally i dont know who we could get, being 7th. Its hard to say.. Unfortunately i dont think Henoc Muaba will be available as i think he was one of the best physical specimens at ECamp, if not the best.

Stab in the dark guess at who we take in first round; perhaps either Shane Herbert, or Pascal Baillargeon ?

we need Young O-Lineman...

Maybe, but we do have a few in the pipeline. Not sure I would draft more than one more this year. We did just sign another NI OL FA prospect today. We have 12 OL guys signed at the moment.

We have 5 NI receivers, so I can see us going after another.

If we plan to use Williams as DE starter, we need another one in addition to Mullinder at camp. Though a DT might also work, one that could do both would be perfect.