does anyone think the CFL draft is unfair? I mean the worst team doesn't even get the first pick. You could have the best team in the league get the best player in the draft! It just seems nuts.


The only reason that would occur is if the worst team trades their pick away, or if they lose it due to Salary Management System Infractions.

I thought there was this stupid rotation where if you had the last pick last draft you have the first pick fthis draft, if you have the first you have the last, the 2nd gets the 7th 3rd gets the 6th and fourth gets the fifth. At least thats what the CFL webstie said

Nope, Worst to best records through the playoff is the draft order.

Well then, I don't know what I was reading. embarrased

Don't be too hard on yourself. Canadian is your second language.

Just like the NFL draft, alot of good players can come in the later rounds.So just because your picking in the first round doesn't mean anything.Hamilton signed 2 of BC's 3 (Matt Carter WR and Matt Morencie OL) first round picks due to some weird rule.

I always get scolded in school for using Canadien english. But, I'm spelling words like grey and favourtie and colour correctly.

Are you? :lol:

Ugh. FAVOURITE! FAVOURITE! I think I'm gonna go practice writing this sentence to improve my canadien.
my favourite colour is grey.

What gets even weirder is when ever I speak french I speak it like a Pepsi and say "way" instead of "we"