Will the Esks try and pick up Jamall Lee?Could be a great combo with Lumsden.Any other picks you would like to see?

If Jamall Lee is a RB, I don't see why we would. We're already stacked at that position.

No point in drafting lee when we have lumsden with canadians mccarty and if necessary bell backing him up.

If anything, we should be trading RBs for extra draft picks. I was just looking at our roster and we have Bell, McClendon, Ciezki, Lumsden, McCarty, Anderson, Harris, and Yao. I'm all for having competition at TC, but that seems like a bit much.

I predict:
Anderson and McClendon get released
Ciezki, Yao, and Bell stay with the team and play special teams
Harris is either traded or converted into a SB. With the team going all Canadian at RB it does not make sense to keep him as an import RB. He has really good hands on short passing routes, so maybe he could be used as a SB?
Lumsden and McCarty split carries 70/30.

I'd also like to see Jackson used as a shifty scatback on rare occasions to spice up our offence. He lined up at RB a for a few plays near the end of the game we got blown out in Saskatchewan and had a few huge gains.

It'll definitely be sad to see Harris go. I liked him. ... But if there's no space for him... Why do we still have McClendon? I thought we released him. The guy's terrible.

As far as the carries for Lumsden and McCarty, I'd actually like to see more of a 60/40 split. I'm still not confident Lumsden can handle that many carries without getting injured.

Ro posted a comment from Danny M. about trying to fix Lumsden's running style. If they can help him out, that'd be great!

McClendon has been released a couple of times. However he works in the Eskies front office as a community relations guy (aka the bench warmer that uses an office chair)

Everyone keeps talking of this great pool of RB we have.Not so.What we have is no screaming yahoo.Time to clean house and stock up.

Lumsden, McCarty are a great one-two punch. Bertrand is a solid fullback and the best part is that all three are non-imports. Add in Yao, Ciezki and Bell and we have non-import back ups for both positions. Works for me!

I have to agree with Rids... nothing wrong with the RB situation.

Let me put it to you guys this way. If Jamall Lee is still available by the time you guys have a pick(unless you’ve made a trade up I am unaware of), and you don’t take him… Someone should lose their job…

If Jamall Lee is still there at #11 and we take a kicker I'll drop my avatar for life!!!

Seriously though I totally agree that if Jamall Lee is there at #11 we should take him. That said I doubt he slips past #6.

I agree. I think he's heading to Vancouver...Unless TO pulls a "gotcha"

Has anyone heard if the 2009 Draft is to be televised? Is TSN carrying it, or will CFL.ca have it on-line?

I sure hope it's at least online.

Eric Lee is more of a fullback as opposed to a runningback with his weight( 230+ lbs), according to Duane Forde. At the earliest, we'll see him in 2010, as he will still be playing another year of NCAA in the states. It's quite surprising that he slipped all the way to the 5th round and was available for the Esks to pick, as he was the 2nd ranked back in the draft and 5th rated NCAA prospect by the scouting bureau. Because the Esks addressed their more pressing needs earlier with Hinse(OL), Sterling(DL), and Bonaventura(LB), I agree with their choice in Lee, as he was clearly the best player available in the draft at the time of the Esks 5th round pick. Despite the fact that getting a Canadian FB in the draft was not a huge need for the Esks, it would've been hard to turn Lee away in the 5th round when Bertrand is over 30 IIRC and isn't getting any younger. Like I said, Lee will be with us 2010 at the earliest, so maybe he will be groomed as a replacement for bertrand a few years down the road.


As seen in these highlights, he has some really good speed for someone his size and looks very strong in shedding/breaking/spinning off tackles.

I set my alarm because I wanted to make sure I saw the draft, but I ended up getting frig all for sleep, so I slept right through it. :lol:

Anyway, I can agree with most of the picks as we can use all the help we can get on defence. But can someone please explain to me why the hell we drafted a RB? Seriously... If we needed a RB so badly, why the hell did we sign Jesse Lumsden? Talk about wasting a pick. If we were going to grab someone on offence, why not grab a WR?

If anyone tells me Danny M. had something to do with that pick, I think my head might just explode. Half our damn roster is RBs.