Draft Tracker Thread

I don't see one, so here goes...

Ticats draft Simeon Rottier, OT, Alberta as #1 overall pick.

Solid choice, IMHO. If we can land Zac Carlson in the supplemental draft, we should be set at tackle. Gauthier has a really good prospect behind him.

Legare to he Argos - I don't think that their pick was a surprise

#2 Overall pick goes to the Blue Team: Etienne Legare (Laval) DT.

So it looks like the B.C. trade for our #3 overall pick is on. Lions should draft Jamall Lee (HB) next.

I don't understand the trading of the #3 pick.

The 'Cats drop 3 picks and pick up the 13th pick. Does that really have any benifit?

Interesting trade by the Cats..didn't quite catch it all

I take this trade to mean there were basically three quality players available and then a big drop off.

Well, stockpiling picks is a good idea if you think that the guy you want at #3 is still going to be available at #6 in this case. The key to the trade is getting #13 if the #6 guy was going to be in one's plans to begin with.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well if they were planning on drafting somenoe that will probably still be there at number 6, then its a decent trade, because they'll get the same guy, AND add an additional pick in the 2nd round

B.C, picks Jamall Lee (HB) Bishop's at #3 overall. Hamilton receives two B.C. picks (#6 and #13 overall) in exchange. We shall see whether Lee will be converted into a slotback if and when he comes back from Panthers camp down south.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, Ock, I think that Carlson is the next big pick for the Cats and he is in the supplemental draft next week. There may be diamonds in the rough when our picks come around, but if we draft by need, I think recent drafts have been deeper than this one, IMO.

Oski Wee Wee,

B.C. Lions select james Yurichuk (Bishops) LB.

Has good measurables, should be a solid backup and special teams player at first. He has good upside for all I've heard.

yeah, i think Obie mentioned that they had a sleeper so maybe they're expecting that their next pick will be available regardless.

There is only a handful of guys I would like to see in Hamilton now...

#1 - Tristan Black
#2 - Matt Carter
#3 - Tang Bacheyie
#4 - Matt Lambros
#5 - Eric Fraser

I'm really hoping we grab Black with our 6th overall pick as I see Matt Carter going to BC... HOPEFULLY Matt Lambros is still available with our 13th overall pick.

B.C. Lions select WR Matt Carter (Acadia) -- looking to shore up their Canadian receiver content with the departure of slot Jason Clermont to the Riders.

Cats are up next.


We could have gotten A LOT better prospect for a 6th round pick???

Darcy Brown to Hamilton

Darcy Brown wouldn't have been available in the second round? Or third?


We could have got about a dozen better players and STILL grabbed Brown with the 13th overall....

Montreal selects Dylan Steenbergen - OL

It was interesting to hear Jamal Lee described as a freak. The last Canadian football player I’ve heard described that way is Samuel Giguere. Obviously the risk in drafting such highly regarded talent is the chance they don’t come back from down south. However, as the draft is a crap shoot anyway, perhaps gambling on the high risk guys is to be considered. If one of Gigeure or Lee returned we’d have a potential star player instead of a couple backups.