Draft Tracker Thread 2

There is something totally messed up with the order of the first one. So continue?...

Im interested in hearing more about Darcy Brown. With the way the 1st round went I would have to assume Obie had him rated higher than Matt Carter. On the simple fact that Obie could have taken him with the 3rd pick which would still have left BC with Lee.

hey, who cares. we know Lee still would've been there but I guess Buono wanted insurance which turned out great for us because we got an extra pick out of it.

Come on now cheesy. Like I said Im just interested in hearing what Obie likes about Brown. I find it intriguing that Carter was rated higher than Brown everywhere else.

What Im getting at is that an additional pick is not worth settling for the 2nd best WR on your board, unless you did have Brown as the top WR in the draft. I don’t care who they pick because I havent seen either play, Im just interested in hearing what they like in Brown.

This forum is messed. Posts are getting rearranged all over the place.

I saw someone say Guigere would be a free agent if he came to the CFL now. I don't think that is true. Isn't it the same situation as Corey Mace. Winnipeg drafted him a couple years ago and traded his Rights to Hamilton. Just cause a player signs in the NFL doesn't change his CFL rights.

I think its just cus its draft day. someone with a post at position 8 might have traded up to position 2 or 3.

I'm disapointed we selected an o-lineman who benches less than the receiver we took. Hopefully he doesnt turn out to be a bust like Peter Diakowski

We would have selected Carter at 3 which is why BC moved up, they knew we werent selcting lee and bluffed by telling us that's why they wanted the pick.

Obie said himself that he wanted Brown in the first round. So we would've taken him 3rd overall and not have the 13th pick overall. Sounds good to me sarcasm

What happens to all those who didn’t get picked? do they become free agents or return to school?

I was originally going to post this morning but as you can see, the quality in this draft day thread wasn't very high. That's why I now have the rights to begin 3 other threads, get second comment in next year's draft day thread, and have some future considerations to collect from whoknows.

Actually, this random posting order is rather neat. It reminds me strangely of some of my student's end of term papers.


Brown was a HUGE reach at 6.

Obie would have been miles ahead picking Lee or Carter in the 3 slot.
All gamblers know that some times you win and some times you lose.
My take is Obie thought with BC picking Lee at #3 to play slot they would be not interested in another reciever in Carter.
I think Carter was Obie’s guy at 6 and it backfired and resulted in the reach for Brown who Obie actually wanted in the second round.

I like the 46th pick Bill McGrath, Hope he makes the Team :rockin:

Obie said that Brown will be looked at as a FB. So I would think that Slotback was a position he wasn't looking at. Depends on what your definition of a reach in. As Sask was interested in him at 9.

Nice one Mark.

Except ... I didn't think you actually read those things. Don't you just give out random grades as well?

Nahh... He just throws the entire lot of them down the stairs. The heaviest ones go the farthest, and therefore get the highest grades...

Unfortunately, as a number of these are ETHICS papers this precludes the old stair routine... it IS tempting though, oh so tempting.