Draft Thread

Curious what will be the next non event for the Bombers. Looking like it might be the regular season.

Maybe someone can help with a positive spin on how the Bombers had the best draft again and we can go with that.

Definitely passed on a good player that could help by trading the 7 and will be surprised if they get a better fit than Onyeka or Barrett in 2019. Of course they get the benefit of innocent before being proven guilty and another year until that verdict comes down.

I am hopeful of not buying a soccer team to confuse this picture any more than it already is.

Most important blue bomber position is that of "bomber citizen" of which we are all one. That said - - -

This year's draft, like most was a throwaway - however, this time the bomber troika took a knee and decided it was over before it started. Great attitude, huh?

Must have been a stunner for the 2 guys in the bomber pit (1 of which was bomber propagandist Eduardo Tait) to be on-line to CFL Central & TSN and be forced to make picks they'd rather decline.

With their first pick the bombers selected a guy who 2 years ago was consensus #1 in many scouts eyes. However, Rashuan Simonise has fallen badly - he got himself banned from CIS for several games (anyone remember how many) for stupidity.

He's probably more pro-ready than any other WR in the last 2 CFL drafts. Maybe this year's #1 Chapman is close. But like Troy Westwood opined on TSN1290 this a.m. - the guy has "idiot written all over him". Westwood says that once you're ingrained as an idiot there's not much that can be done to turn it around.

So it will fall on Sniffer O'Shea to create character out of an idiot. A talented idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.

Bombers also took a WR with their 3rd round pick and then selected a wild "off the card" pick with a 6'9", 305 lb. OL with a later pick. Reminds me off the guy they got a few years ago - another 6'9" guy who quickly washed out of the league. Anyone remember his name?

Eduardo Tait? You have your work cut out for you son!

Nothing against Jade Simonise. People grow and it will be up to him to make good choices for his future. Lemar Durant had a bad knock and seems okay now. Stuck around longer than the guy with the good attitude of Addison Richards and others.

Seems like a distant futures pick to me and he will have to fight to be recognized in the crowd. Matt Coates is a lock with many loyalty reward points earned as Medlock's holder and southern Ontario roots. Wolitarsky and Blazko need to be given a chance. Henry Henry were you ever here? Thankfully after 5 years they quietly moved on from JFG. Regardless of personnel Nichols tendency to unload quickly seldom results in targets going field side wide out.

6'9" Olineman are too tall. Paul Swiston may have been the guy Lyle mentioned and a fine example of a guy who could not get low enough to deal with the fire hydrant types of poop and others.

Couldn't even pick a heart and soul guy like Noah Picton and give the fans someone to pull for but great job once again. Clink those glasses, fire up the que and eat some beef. Take a couple of days off but don't miss the playoffs.

Bombers relieved another draft day has come 'n gone!

Team chintzed on scouting - blind drafting is the result . . . .

Perhaps one of the bingo balls gets a practice roster spot?

As the late Tom Snyder would say (and Joe might approve)

"Time to toast this swindle with a Simultini"

.....We could have drafted the best player (top five for sure) in the draft IF ...a VERY big 'if' we can turn this kid into the player he should be...Simonise has all the talent in the world but his character definitely needs work...Is our locker room and coaches strong enough to have that kind of effect?? I think they do....Someone like Harris has to take this kid in hand ..and I believe Andrew is the guy who can do it...Don't forget Harris has been down a rough road himself in his early years..Nothing like leading by example ..We could have the steal of the draft if it all pans out...Peterman is no slouch either and this is going to be one hell of tc to see which receiver comes out on top...One thing we know for sure...we sure as heck have depth at the position...

....We also drafted a couple of projects...especially O Line...The coaches have a lot of work to do :wink:

Yeah, Swiston was the 6'9" guy - but the guy I was thinking about was the 6'8" guy, Tyson Pencer who also washed thru the league. Both dudes still under 30 with little to no CFL reps. Perhaps both got some practice roster cheques - also some signing bonuses!

One gentle giant who actually made it in the CFL = Justin Sorensen.

A very serviceable, oft dominant centre for the Edmonton Eskimos.

This giant was only 6'8" when the bombers squealed with delight after drafting him a few years back.

He washed thru the bomber organization, as expected . . . .

But caught on with the Esks - and because of better developmental structure in Edmonton - has become a long-time starter!

Bombers had him - just didn't have the organizational tools to develop him!

.....The draft in 18' is going to go down as one of the weaker ones...and not just because of our effort...The talent level overall wasn't there....couple that with the top dogs heading south in a hurry and you have a draft that left a lot wanting...One of the best moves was to move down and set yourself up for next year...We did that...I'm not pumping Walters tires here BUT he made the best out of a mediocre situation...It's nice to know out of all of this that we have built a certain amount of Canadian depth AND we have an extra pic in the first round in 19' to make a solid move or just hang on to...It'll look even better if the talent level surpasses this years

....A little side note....Coates has broken his foot training according to Tait....maybe a good thing we went deep for receivers??

Had not heard that. Maybe happened about the time they readded Blaszko.

Coates being out will be good for both Simonise and Peterman. I am hoping for Peterman so that we can do J Peterman descriptions of his play ala Elaine from Seinfeld.

Both drafted receivers sound like they have good upside if they get a chance to develop and adapt to CFL game speed. Will give reps to Wolitarsky as well which could be a good thing.

I will be surprised if Coates is released.

...Don't see Coates going anywhere joe....however Medlock will need a new holder.....hello Dressler.. he will have to start taking snaps again

If the CFL had a category for undrafted Canadian QBs/holders at a lower minimum (say - $48,000) that would enable every team to put a developmental canuck on the roster - essentially for bird-seed and let them attend meetings, training camp, even gameday as a holder/emergency 4th QB.


.....WHY NOT INDEED......agree totally with you Lyle on that one...Long overdue...I'm sure there are a few Sinopoli's out there...Not just because he transitioned to a damn good receiver....he could actually chuck the ball...(something I don't understand why the RedB''s don't employ more often)..This league is missing out on some excellent talent

So you want to pay them less than everyone else and say "hey, you are a token player?" I would find this offensive. Now, if you want to give a "cap rebate" of 5-10k to promote the position...great. Having them on the fringe looking in really does nothing. You can't have them in holding without practicing...the kicker/holder relationship/timing is pretty important....not to mention that there is the odd trick play that needs to be developed

What Bridge has proposed in conversations with the commish is...Make it a ratio counter so that if you are designating 5 nationals on O and have a national QB in that he counts towards that....he is not even suggesting a change to the 21/20/3 ratio...just "in action"

I really really like Bridge's idea. If you change the overall ratio to include QBs it is
1 - going to be grossly abused
2 - often mean that a Canadian QB is chosen over a more qualified QB. I know this happens in other positions...QB is too important not to develop the best available players.

Instead what it does is give no actual benefit to the team ratio wise unless the Canadian QB is actually on the field....thus legitimizing having a Canadian around. It could turn into largely a short yardage specialist position....but it keeps them in the mix for further action and is a big step.

I like that idea. I have always thought a Canadian on the roster that minimum salary does not hit cap was a good idea...but Bridge's idea is really good IMO. Definitely changed how I look at it.

....I'd like to see teams pay more for undrafted canucks....but in a sms world I'm afraid that will never happen....I look at it this way depop...A foot in the door is better than not ever being recognized....The sum Lyle is suggesting might seem paltry but to a National player sitting on the sidelines, without a chance of ever being noticed, it might seem like the world, and a chance to get to know the world of football they obviously love up close and personal

and that's the idea - $48k is better than zero - and its a foot in the door!
Maximum 2 seasons on this position or player has to be full-rostered - OR CUT.
A good developmental today - could be a starter tomorrow - at salaries to be negotiated . . .
Option for teams to do this.
Those that do should get the same amount (48k) taken off their salary cap as an incentive.

My point - it makes the Canadian game more Canadian - and provides developmental opportunity for up to 9 more players.

So does what Bridge suggests, and actually makes them part of the team and promotes to find ways to get them into sets and isn't then a discount/free player...something that is opening doors for abuse.

Another blurb about Godfrey Onyeka claiming he is for real.

Water under the bridge at this point but it may have been to the Bombers advantage to hang on to the pick and see who was left on the board before making the trade rather than the night before when they didn't actually know who would be available. Would still have been time to do exactly what they did but also may have drawn in other bidders given the available talent.

As Lyle mentioned Bombers took a knee and deferred until next year. Will be nice for the new GM to have two first round picks. Hopefully he / she does something with them.