Draft Thread

Coming soon. May as well have it's own thread.

Marshall Ferguson 2.0 is out and has Bombers drafting 4 receivers in the first 6 rounds. Petermann with the first pick at 7. Not sure what they are thinking.

Jackson Barrett and the LB from Queens would be the guys I am looking at. NFL interest will probably make Oneyka hang around for longer than he should. Scouts will know best in the end.

The 6'2" qb from Laval could be a nice add. It would be good if both him and Picton got a shot.

With Walters & Wad's track records at CFL drafts they may as well pick 'em out of a hat.

For the record I think Onyeta could play some reps from Game 1 - possibly working to half-reps by half-way thru the season. Jackson Barrett might be good if available in first two rounds.

They shoulda kept Travis Bond around for another season - but they were saving sheckels to offer up to Lord Muamba, which he loudly declined.

To have any bomber draft pick play more than a handful of reps would be quite shocking - particularly if he was effective. Unlike drafting ghosts like Geoff Gray - or out-of-shape schleps like Halfasakitty!

Sounds like Shepley, Chapman, and Onyeka will be wearing another teams colors before the Bombers pick at 7.

Still leaves a couple of big stud NCAA boys that will be a while in coming north. Would not be surprised to see the Bombers take the guy from North Bay in a nostalgic moment for NOS. Believe Marshall Ferguson has him rated #1.

Bennett may be there and might be as good as any.

Would be nice to see a couple of rookies make the lineup playing special teams and grow from there.

Or roll out the bingo ball machine / pull out the hat and go for it.

The Bingo Hall Machine is parked adjacent to the Panic Button Device - both securely stored at Obby Khan Self-Storage at IGF.

.....I hope we get a shot at Knevel.....He might go early like Shepley BUT IF someone takes a flyer on a receiver, we might have a chance...After O Line I'm thinking DL...Julian Laurent looks like a nice prospect although we'll most likely go DB with our next pic and Bennett could fill the bill...I agree Joe, Onyeka will be gonzo early...he'd be my first choice...Going to be an interesting draft....lots of talent on the table

NFL draft goes this weekend.

Hudson, Rutherford, Knevel, and Godber, maybe Shepley are the candidates. Not sure anyone gets drafted but sure to be some invites to camp scenarios play out.

Justin Dunk rolled out his mock draft 2.0 and had Winnipeg selecting Hudson from North Bay at 7. Good grief. Thinking he has the good Kyle Walters connection so who knows. Onyeka listed as going at 9, Bennett at 6.

Hamilton has quite a few early picks and speculation is it will be hard to hide them all on the practice roster so maybe an early pick is available in a trade. Not sure the Bombers have anyone they can dangle. Maybe Kevin Fogg being Brandon Banks cousin is enough. Dunk has them drafting Shepley at 2.

Hunter to KC. Shepley signs with the Jets. Congrats and good luck to both.

Knevel, Godber, and Rutherford all have potential to make US deals. Not sure any will be left by the time the Bombers pick.

Thinking Hunter and Shepley will slide down now and maybe are available come rounds 4,5, or 6. Good risk / reward scenario at that point but not worth the Andy Mulumba drama package to go any earlier imo.

Cone of silence has been lowered at the Bomber office no doubt. We'll see what we get.

....You could be right chief....Might be nothing but Kaos in a few days lol...I hope we come up with something worthwhile with our lowly pics...If you can't draft high...you better draft smart,I always says

Mock draft 3.0 does not look good for the Bombers imo. Suppose that is the price paid for being in the upper echelon of CFL football.

Korte while being quite a package will at best replace Spooner on the depth chart highly unlikely to ever see the field. Going receiver results in the same scenario sliding in behind Coates and Wolitarsky without a hope of playing.

I could see Montreal swapping 1 with 2 to Hamilton for the #11 if they go for it to replace the picks they have traded away foolishly over past years. Would be surprised if Bombers trade up but would like them to end up with either Onyeka or Barrett and address an area of greater need.

The Dubois special team demon guy sounds like someone MOS would be interested in and a backup and eventual replacement for the invisible man Mike Miller. All good on that one. The QB from Laval would be a nice add as well.

Hoping for the best and trusting in the process. Bombers are the greatest.

Checking out the 3DownNation pre draft national depth around the league. Scary to see Ekakatie and Marouf listed as the only Bomber national d lineman. Has to be related to Ekakatie's contract.

Jake Thomas I am missing you already.

Guessing Bombers will pay who ever they draft first another $90,000 and scrimp in another area to get by. Would be great to see Faith step up and be the man. Maybe he will. I have not seen that from him to date.

Is it possible the plan in drafting Gray knowing he was going south was to save money? Seems unless the player is a special talent the big dollar contract is more of a burden than any thing else. That said there are some who come in and contribute right off. Boateng and Adeleke from last year for two.

Will come down to who is left at 7. If they go oline may as well have him kick around the NFL and develop to the level of someone capable of playing. Risk is if they play well enough to stick around. Would also be good if they could be objective about former draft picks rather than try to reinforce the excellent selection that they want you to think they made.

Wait and see and send money.

.....Draft whoever is the best player...whatever position..The raiding by the NFL of a lot of our premium talent to languish on pr's is killing this league...You can only hope for the best of the rest and that the NFL misses something...With our lacklustre draft efforts of the past, coinciding with the recent Jets hoopla, I think that is really dampening interest....good for the Jets...sad for us

The bombers going with Fat Kitty and Gray with their #1 & #6 choices was a travesty. I refuse to believe our draft troika is that stupid. Perhaps Joe has a point - draft a couple ghosts - give Ekakitie the league minimum ($80k) to fill a uniform and scrimp by watching Gray go thru the NFL washout cycle (perhaps 2 years)

Drafting and signing costs money. Money that may have already been committed to current roster guys. To purposely draft ghosts in order to scrimp payroll is a spit in the eye of almost every fan who cares deeply about the team - not to mention a scouting dept. that's essentially wearing ankle bracelets!

Corney needs to replace Westerman as a starter or call that one a bust as well. Year 3 for him so time to create some value or time to put the masters degree in kinesiology (gym class) to work.

Sooner or later they need to focus on building from within rather than the free agency route they have been going. Check with the Jets to see how that works out when you stick to it. (ie Lirim)

Trouble is they have been losing for so long and are very desperate to win now. Backwards thinking imo.

Most negative things about Bombers:

  1. Abysmal draft record
  2. Poor roster balance
  3. One of the weakest tactical head coaches in CFL
  4. Dried up d-coordinator
  5. Failure to acknowledge mistakes of current administration
  6. Troglodyte (Miller) running the ship
  7. Ageing superstars: Dressler, Harris, Bowman
  8. Fragile defenders: Legget, Wild, Fogg

........... Ah yes Ritchie Hall...whom I think has passed his best before date...before the last best before date...I hope I'm wrong and this team can put together a Grey Cup win....somehow..I don't like being negative... You have to cling to some hopeful scenario and maybe we'll finally shake the drought...We shall see

With you all the way on trying to stay positive. Thinking a lobotomy would be the best way.

Not sure I have all the details but it sounds like the Bombers have traded their first and second for futures. Not only a spit in the eye but a kick in the sack to go with it imo.

Guessing they think they have the team or something. Not sure I share the vision but good general managing there Kyle. If you don't pick someone they can't disappoint.

Would really have liked to see Onyeka or Barrett in blue. Has to be sms chaos.

Bombers just traded their 1st round pick to the BC Lions.

Kinda expected this - Bombers seem to be abdicating from draft activity (scouting, signing) and a #7 overall would command a decent contract ($80k CFL min. + signing bonuses)
Instead they shipped #7 and #16 overall to BC for BC's #12 this year - #12 should not be an NFL-destined pick.
Bombers also get BC's #1 pick in the 2019 draft (next year) which could be anywhere from #1 to #9 - - - - most likely #4 to #7

Just confirms my initial opinion the bombers don't like signing (and thereby paying) fresh stock.
Unwise immo

12, 26, 33

Central scouting has OL Pickett from Guelph at 12 so there is a chance he gets picked by Walters. Barrett and Onyeka at 10 and 11 so one might slide to 12, not that you can trust them to pick him. 6 of the top 7 are Oline including the guys looking south. I don't see it going that way.

Picking up Bomben was a nice move by Kavis for dropping one spot. Assume Chapman is going to Hamilton. Montreal looking more like a football team each day.

Likely one ghost for sure in 2019.

Can't wait to hear how they spin this.

.....Nice move by Mont. to pick up Bomben BUT he was an Al. to begin with, that should have never been traded...Making up for past miss deeds....

....We must think this draft class hasn't much to offer orrrrr like Lyles says we have no dough to sign a first rounder...My take is it could be a little of both....being SMS careful and keeping some cash for an NFL returnee...namely a guy like Big Grey...We are healthy in the O Line dept...so if we deemed that O Line wasn't a priority, and the rest of the draft field wasn't that great, (after the top six were gone) I can see the move to trade...Having two first rounders in 19' is a bonus... However there's no guarantee that next years draft class is going to be any better than this years BUT that extra spot at the top, could also be an ace in the hole in a trade situation...I don't mind the move by Walters