Draft Thread

Who will it be ???

I think it wll be a D-Lineman

Ticats have traded pick 12 to Edmonton down to 19th and add the 27Th

Our second round pick was traded for the 19th and the 27th picks of this draft.

Unless there will be another trade, we won't hear the panel talk about who we will draft first.

We still have ticats.ca and The Scratching Post Blog

Good move. Cats may have wanted Shaw, after Maver was gone, and then TOR took him #11. So, the teams also looking for P/K’s have done their thing and HAM will get Bodnar or some other P they like with a later pick, or without a pick after the draft.

And TSN.ca: http://tsn.ca/cfl/feature/?id=6685

But I don't know if the TSN live blog (http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=320241) will be updated after round two.

For commentary, we'll have to rely on Drew, who is doing a good job as always.

Here is what he said most recently:

1:33: Snap analysis: the Cats will pick up a Canadian punter through free agency and have depth at the o-line and WR. They will just be looking for depth.
I don't disagree with that.

It is interesting how there was talk about how we were trying to move up in the draft, but we instead move down.

Would we have taken Grant Shaw if he were available?

I'm really amazed with all the slick moves Ham has made keep up the good work guys. :roll: :oops:

I gotta be honest and say that I neither understand nor like this move! There are a couple of outstanding athletes there including a couple stud O-linemen, which are a Canadian staple in the CFL, that I sure didn't think would still be there...Oh well, I'm sure Obie knows what he's doing (Fingers crossed)!

It a Deep draft so I understand why we traded back

PLAYERS who werent expected to be picked this early are tho so bombers and cats both made good moves picking up an extra pick.

Someone on the TSN blog suggested that a reason they drafted Shaw was to keep him away from us. I don't know about that...

And yes, there is a chance that we'll take Bodnar with a late pick, as I don't think any other team needs him, or would use up a draft pick on him.

Here is what Drew says now:

1:45: One other thought: the guy(s) the Ticats have identified as targets will still be there at 19... and they get another pick.

1:45: Just went for Timmies. Life is better.

Updated picture from war room:


"Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, this is the war room!"

All that heavy thinking for that, heaven help us. :frowning: Maybe its their golf tournament coming up.

Third round picks so far:

3 16 BC Lions via TOR Gesse, Joash LB Montreal
3 17 Calgary Stampeders via WPG Bender, John OL Nevada

Drew said this seems to be place to go for updates: http://www.cfl.ca/draft

And I think he's right.

Our pick coming up soon, unless we there will be another trade.

Drew said we drafted FB Sam Fournier:

Fournier, Sam
2009 East West Bowl participant lacks speed but has potential as blocker, receiver.

From: http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/feature/?id=22604

We pick FB again with one of our first picks? Did not expect that.

Update from: http://www.ticats.ca/blogs/ticatsconfidential

Another trade in the works...

We’ve acquired another third round pick. Our second pick of the draft will be made shortly.

Posted By: S.M. Posted On: 2010-05-02 14:02:53

Update from Drew's blog (which has been loading slowly for me):

2;07: Interesting that the Cats take Fournier after taking Darcy Brown at No. 6 last year. Fournier had seven carries, three TDs last year - a goal line back.

2:05: The Cats now pick back to back at 27, 28.

2:02: Ticats have picked Sam Fournier from Laval at No. 19. He's 5'10", 238 pounds and Duane Forde had him tanked as the fifth-ranked fullback: "2009 East West Bowl participant lacks speed but has potential as blocker, receiver"

2:00: We're switching to CBC and Habs v. Pens. Watching draft tracker in cfl.ca.

I thought they'd be watching poker on TSN instead, that'd seem more appropriate considering what's going on in the CFL now.

He must have something most of us aren't aware of. The first FB taken and Forde ranks him #5 at that position. Can he punt?

Stupid pick tbh, really disappointed.We had Taurean Allen OR Eddie Steele at 12 and we traded.Fail IMO.

Eddie Steele is a "Steele" is you will.
I thought he was a 1st rounder.

What did we get from Edmonton for our 2nd pick ? According to the site draft tracker we did not get an extra pick from Edmonton!