Draft televised?

I find it strange that the league hasn't set a date for the draft yet. Usually they have it a week after the NFL draft, which is in about 2 weeks. I also am wondering if it will be televised this year. Any information would be great.

I can't imagine why it would be televised. I don't think prospects would appear, leaving little reason to broadcast. Most of the entertainment value is the introduction and jersey-donning and handshakes and all that grandeur.

Plus the CFL draft is always so contingent on the NFL, the draft exercise almost seems robbed of it's validity.

It doesn't look good for the league and broadcaster to be apart of any kind of 'diluted' programming content.

The draft was televised last year and I felt TSN did a good job with it. They provided good analysis of the players and showed game film. It would have been nice if they had a few of the prospects in the studio, but they still did a good job.

I'm really sure they're doing it again this year after it was a rating's success last year.I liked how they put it together, would like it a little more if they covered a couple more round's this time rather than just 1st and 2nd.

I'm fairly certian I remeber a press release about TSN providing coverage of the draft again in 2010... Although I can't remember all of the details I think it was supposed to be expanded upon beyond the 2nd round too...

Anyway, they gotta build it up right? they can't just go from -zero- TV coverage to comprehensive sports analysis and broadcasting in a year or two. People wouldn't know what they where watching, or why. lol!

I got invited to a draft party at Jack astor's on may 2. so if figured it would be on tsn, maybe it's argo tv??

I have a feeling it will be televised. The delay may have to do with scheduling.
I may be wrong, but I thought the announcement that last year's draft would televised came late.

Here is the announcement from cfl.ca, April 23 2009 : http://www.cfl.ca/article/2009-cfl-cana ... -tsn-may-2

Also an interesting article about last year's draft: http://www.vancouversun.com/Sports/take ... story.html

I email the CFL Office will not soon

Last year's coverage of the draft was really good... I have high hopes that this years will be even better. I'm sure that it will be on because (as stated earlier) they announced the 2009 draft coverage pretty late as well. TSN blew my mind in 2009 with their coverage of all things CFL (& some CIS too). This is the beginning of a fantastic era of Canadian football coverage & TSN will be there to bring us all the action... No, I don't work for TSN... Just really happy with the job they are doing.

I seem to recall TSN saying they were really happy with the ratings from the 2009 draft and were planning on televising it in 2010 as well.

I can't wait to watch the draft this year to see how wrong I am with my predictions, TSN did an excellent job last year with the panel of CIS coaches that gave insight on the players.

I'm with you. I think they did a great job.

Huh? the draft date has been known for a long time! May 2 at noon EST! And yes tsn is broadcasting it.

http://www.cfl.ca/prospects [url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/e-camp-tests-cfl-s-top-2010-prospects]http://www.cfl.ca/article/e-camp-tests- ... -prospects[/url]

The Draft is May 2nd at 12pm Eastern and will be on TSN.


Look at Very Top Right 12 noon on TSN