Draft Stats

There’s some interesting tidbits in the draft stats:

1970: 25(!) DBs selected

1984: Terry Baker was drafted 65th (8th round). He went on to play 278 CFL games with 4 different teams.

Only 4 running backs have been drafted first since 1956.

Shocking stat isn’t it? There are almost always highly rated picks as well. Even a guy likeAnthony Coombs wasn’t drafted.

It is kind of shocking. I guess the fact that running backs generally have a pretty short career (around two years on average) has a lot to do with why teams wouldn’t want to spend a 1st round pick on one.

Anthony Coombs:
Selected in the first round, third overall, in the 2014 CFL Draft

With the ratio, starting a Canadian RB requires a competent Canadian backup RB or you have to juggle elsewhere if the starter goes down and his replacement is American … can be tough week-to-week … horrible in-game.

The 4 drafted is wrong. Six were drafted in 2015