Draft site

Just wanted to make a quick note - we've just launched the CFL.ca homepage draft site (http://www.cfl.ca). Will make it easier for people to keep track of the draft on the web. Take a look, let me know what you think.


Looks good. did notice an error in the article about the HAmilto Rider trade. It says that both hamilton and sask got the 17th overall pick.
Also I didn't notice any link to the forums, had to type it in the browser.

I have cfl.ca as one of my 'Favorites' to get to the CFL homepage. I clicked on cfl.ca, and got the CFL DRAFT homepage. Has this changed? Should I change my 'Favorites' to cfl.ca/homepage, and is the cfl.ca now the homepage for the draft?

Also I am having problem clicking back to the previous page. I keep getting a message stating that the page is down. This is a intermittant problem.

No, the cfl.ca homepage being the draft page is temporary for draft weekend, so no need to update your links.

As to the intermittent forum problems - we're in the process of trying to track that down.


I have a feeling it will point you to somewhere in Korea or China.


Did submit 2 postreply but they are not shown. 1 on Tiger-Vats site and 1 on Als site.


Nice job on the Draft overall. Just a few suggestions. I would like to have seen the home town, players position, and maybe the school for the players drafted, on the tracker. To make room for that, I would suggest making the past 'Canadian Draft' years, a drop down window, for those that are interested. Or maybe on the tracker, you could click on a link of the players name, to find his stats.