Draft Results

1st round...an OLman...really? No knock at Corey Watman, he's a great player...but do the Riders really need to pick up another Canadian OL at this point? LIke reiously...they were stacked last season. This to me seems like a rather odd move. Dan Clark is a greak OL, and he sits...they are stacked. Oh well.............

And then basically all the only team on the conference call in the 5th is the Riders after they trade to TO their 3rd for 3 5thers. I actually don't mind that move, because IMO barring a WR there was nothing the club was going to get in the third that they needed. They actually sit pretty darned good for NI talent at the moment.

You can never have enough Canadian OLs

You can never have too many solid Cdn O lineman.

I think in this case, the drafted player is a centre that can hopefully learn from Picard. Picard is 1-2 years away potentially. So although the riders are very deep with O-line...........I don't recall an obvious plan B at centre? Now this is addressed.

The trade..........too many good football people said this draft was a little lean. Giving up a 3rd rounder to get 3 extra 5th rounders I think is okay. Most names from 25 and lower are unknowns? Cross the fingers that in that group are 1-2 little gems waiting their turn.

I need to learn how many of their picks can return to school? Another season of CIS to season them up?

I've been critical of mgmt for off-loading draft choices! But maybe they are smarter than me and off-loaded choices in a draft year that they knew would be weaker in terms of available talent? There were 10-12 different names any of us would have liked to see wearing green..........but you can't pick them all.

good point on the center thing

As far as the 3rd round thing, I didn't mind it at all. I agree that not a lot filled their needs for the 22nd pick, beside perhaps Plante or Charlie Power. They have a diverse selection of NIs through 2014...but will need every pick they can get after the expansion draft...they are already down their 3rd rounder for that, as well as potentially another via the conditional for Chris Patrick...

Actually it was a smart move while almost every team in drafting an OLineman are looking for a player with the potential to play RT.
With all that going on every has forgotten the importance of having a good center who is the play caller for the rest of the Oline. They have a great one in Picard and have now drafted another true center in Watman. Many teams as I said are looking to draft that Potential RT and if does not work out on the outside can move inside to guard and a guard could move over to the center spot.

If he was the best player available then it's a great move.

Is he the best player available? I have no idea, I've never seen him or the others play.

Drafting for need is generally a bad move. You should always take the best player available. Only draft for need when everything else is generally equal.

Whether or not this is a good or bad move has nothing to do with how many OLs are on the roster. It has everything to do with whether or not Watman is reasonably better than the other players available at #4.

I rather liked BT's after speech

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHMyUIlrXLc&feature=player_embedded]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHMyUIlr ... r_embedded[/url]

Levi Steinhauer, long snapper and apparently the D coaches like him for the DL

Alex Anthony...the WR they wanted in the 3rd, was still there for them in the 5th...so it turned out all roses if that is indeed true. He really may have been a dark horse in the draft. A nice sized 6-2 NI WR...not amazing stats in CIS, but probably a good development player.

Listening to the interview with Taman Watman was on their board as one of the best players available at that time and they did go back and forth with a few different guys but in the end they believed he was the best available and able to make it and play right away like Heenan.
If they were going for need I would think they would have gone for a DT but after Gaydosh the other top DTs will not be in camp this season and at #4 the best availble was a C/G. I liked it as I said because almost every team is going with the best available potential OT these days where Watman is the best available player now and players center a position of great importance but is being overrun by the importance of having a Canadian RT for the ratio.
That last part is just my opinion.
BC seems like the only team right now that seems set and committed to 2 Import OTs in signing and extending there two all star import OTs and bringing in two good NFL experienced back ups in Horne via Spokane Shock arena and Asiata who was with the Riders last season

Very true on the above Quote. On that note; I think the Riders were looking/considering Brett Jones but upon finding out his intentions [and being honest] to pursue further in Medical school - Corey Watman is an excellent #4 Rider choice.

Taman and Chamblain have more or less said that they will take the best available player who will be able to play and contrubute right away with such high draft picks. Heenan was expected to be on the roster last year as a back up and extra lineman on short yardage but worked his way ahead of a curve and was able to be a starter at RT right away giving them a third top back up ready to play. It enabled Neufeld to get a look at RT and surprise was able to bump import Chris Patrick. Now Watman having the ability to be a true center and also play G makes them even deeper with lone import Fulton at LT the only import but an important one. Dan Clark Like Zack Evans on the defensive side also gives depth and can be used as an extra lineman on short yardage as well.
Only Montreal has that kind of Oline depth. The future will hold more Canadian RTs for the CFL but for now to have one quality Canadian starting RT and you are in good shape.