Heya guys, here are the up-dated draft results, so that you can share your comments on each one. Have fun.

Calgary --> Miguel Robede (DT)
Ottawa --> Cam Yeow (LB)
Saskatchewan --> Matt O’Meara (OL)
Saskatchewan --> Chris Best (OL)
Montreal --> Matthieu Proulx (DB)
Hamilton --> Jesse Lumsden (RB)
Saskatchewan --> Nathan Hoffart (SB)
BC --> Alexis Bwenge (RB)
Toronto --> Nick Kaczur (OL)

Calgary --> Godfrey Ellis (OL)
Toronto --> Raymond Fontaine (LB)
Montreal --> Jeff Piercy (RB)
Montreal --> Thomas Whitfield (DB)
Toronto --> Philippe Audet (DL)
Hamilton --> Fabio Filice (OL)
Montreal --> Philippe Gauthier (DB)
BC --> Pierre Tremblay (OL)
Toronto --> Jeff Keeping (SB)

Calgary --> John Comiskey (OT)
Ottawa --> Les Mullings (RB)
Toronto --> (Pick forfeited)
Saskatchewan --> Matt Kudu (DL)
Edmonton --> Tim O’Neill (OL)
Hamilton --> Francois Brochu (ST)
Montreal --> Victor Cabral (DB)
BC --> Dave Lowry (OL)
BC --> Patrick Pierre-Louis (LB)

Calgary --> Kyler Jukes (DL)
Ottawa --> Cory Hathaway (TE) (a tight end?)
Winnipeg --> Scott Mennie (LB)
Saskatchewan --> Jean-Olivier Gagnon-Gordillo (DL)
Edmonton --> Anthony Posteraro (K)
Hamilton --> Jeremy Steeves (S)
Montreal --> Mike Ray (K)
BC --> Sebastien Clovis (S)
Toronto --> Tye Smith (OL)

Calgary --> David Hewson (DB)
Ottawa --> Adrian Baird (DE)
Winnipeg --> Martin Lapostolle (DL)
Saskatchewan --> Dustin Cherniawski (DB)
Edmonton --> Robert Leblanc (SB)
Hamilton --> Iain Fleming (SB)
Montreal --> Curt Hundeby (OL)
BC --> Nuvraj Bassi (DT)
Toronto --> Brian Crawford (RB)

Calgary --> Brett Ralph (WR)
Ottawa --> Lenard Semajuste (FB)
Winnipeg --> Ryan Bisson (OL)
Saskatchewan --> Ryan Gottselig (DL)
Montreal --> Adam Eckert (WR)
Hamilton --> Andrew Paopao (DL)
Montreal --> Olivier Manigat (OL)
BC --> Karl Ortmanns (OL)
Toronto --> Ian Forde (WR)

Number of total picks per position :
OL : 14
DL : 10
DB : 8
SB (+TE) : 5
HB : 5
LB : 4
WR : 3
K/P : 2
ST : 1
FB : 1
QB : 0

Positions picked by each team :
BC : RB, OL, OL, LB, DB, DL, OL.
Calgary : DL, OL, OL, DL, DB, WR.
Edmonton : OL, K, SB.
Hamilton : RB, OL, ST, DB, SB, DL.
Montreal : DB, RB, DB, DB, DB, K, OL, WR, OL.
Ottawa : LB, RB, TE, DL, FB.
Saskatchewan : OL, OL, SB, DL, DL, DB, DL.
Toronto : OL, LB, DL, SB, OL, RB, WR.
Winnipeg : LB, DL, OL.

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Done. Too bad this site was slow as hell while the draft was on. It would have been a good moment to get a dynamic discussion feeded by oncoming football content…

Who is Scott Mennie and why are you so happy about him becoming a BB?

Shouldn’t you be disappointed that the BB did not have picks in the early rounds?

By the way, the #22 in Winnipeg belongs to a guy I never heard of: Jason Bray (a defensive back). Maybe you know him; he played in the AFL last year.