Draft Results anf off season moves

Hi Ticats Fans ,

How does everyone think we did in the draft ?

I think we could have done better as we gave up our 3rd pick and for the 6th and then picked a guy that was not ranked in the top 20 . We could have had a good reciever in Carter or good linebacker in Black .

i also think Lee will not make it in the NFL and thus can be a good canadian back in this league .

Darcy Brown seems like an ok prospect in that he is a good athlete that could be used at fullback but hardly worth the 6th overall pick as he could have been had in the 2knd round . I am not sure about Hinds the DB but my take is that typically there have not been many good canadian dbs in this league..

On another note :

I think we still need 1 or 2 defensive lineman with CFL experience to fight for jobs on the dline as right now we are very weak in this area ....

I think in the off season we improve in most other areas :

  1. Defensive Co-ordinatior - Greg Marshall - Great Move ---lots of experience and former CFL lineman

  2. QB Depth - Kevin Glenn and some good looking young QB'S with good resumes - Puts less pressure on Porter

  3. Offensive Line - WOW ..getting Gauthier as a ratio buster and Goodspeed ...and drafting Rottier and having Gagne-Marceux back healthy----not to mention gibson as the offensive co-ordinator having worked with the these guys in WPG ..We have never been in a better position

  4. Having all the same DB's back is good as they did ok last year and now they will have more familiarity with eachother .....having BARKER back healthy too could be good at safety


1 . Defensive Line - still a mess and really only gullery was added .
2. Linebacker - We added Otis floyd but still never replaced Armour and well we know the Moreno disaster . I hope Mashall is wise enough not to start Mariuz .
3. Still not much cfl Experience on the recieving corps
4. Running back is a question unless Keith can regain form

Personally, I think you did a good job of evaluating the draft and the off-season so far. I just have a couple comments regarding the "CONCERNS" section. While I agree with the points you made, I think you are missing the fact that Obie has a lot of players under contract at receiver and defensive end to bring to camp in the hopes that one or two of them step up and make an impact.

It might be worthwhile to remember that no one had heard of Prechae Rodriguez or Quinton Porter before the start of last season and they didn't turn out too bad. All it takes is one or two hits from the likes of Brandon Guillory, Garrett McIntyre, Alan Harper, Dennis Haley, Mike McFadden and Alex Morrow and the pass rush problems will magically disappear. And really you have David Ball, Eddie Cohen, Airese Currie, Chris Davis, Scott Mitchell, Johnnie Morant, Brandon Myles, Willie Quinnie, Jo Jo Walker, and LaShaun Ward battling in camp for what is maybe, 2 starting spots. So it's not like Obie isn't trying his best to address these areas.

I am all for getting players with CFL experience since it is important to be acclimatized to the Canadian version of football, but sometimes it can be over-rated. You either got it or you don't.

And in a month when training camp gets going, we will find out!

  • paul

Hi Paullywood ,

I agree with most of what you say but generally 90 % of all these guys do not pan out so it is high risk .

Just look at our defensive line last year...all they guys that were tried

I think it is a good idea to bring in all the guys you mentioned . My point is I think they should bring in a few recievers and dlineman with some cfl experience to lead the others .

Now that we have better defensive and offensive co-ordiantors then I thik we should be ok . What is Joe Montford and Tim Cheatwood up to these days :slight_smile:

HEY . Do you know when the training camp starts ..I MENA ROOKIES ETC .i recall last year it was before june and then veterens showed up in early june .

Out of all the guys who were tried last year on the D-Line we got one solid player. If we can do that again this year we might have ourselves a D-Line.

well we have solid players in Guillory and Adams, solid backups in Kirk and Reid and we'll get to test Bekisiak, Morrow, Harper, Haley, MacIntyre, McCuaig and McFadden for the other two spots and backup, and if we're lucky we'll have Mace signed before TC.

How do you know that Brown could be had in the 2nd round, did you see every teams draft board? There were stories that Sask was going to pick him with the 9th pick. Also Black lasted until the 15th pick for a reason he is SLOW and will not make a good CFL linebacker so i wouldn't want him with the 3rd or 6th overall pick.

You don't think a guy like Tillman would tip his hand like that do you? He is one of the best in the business. Considering how many good players he could get keeping the third pick or even with his six pick. It dosen't make sense to draft a receiver with the idea of turning him in to a Fullback. That redefines "reaching".

If it works out he will look like a genius but if not he'll look like a dumb spincter... Let's hope for the best.

Good point re Brown, pdson2. I have read and heard that Saskatchewan had the same idea as us... to select him earlier than some other teams might, or than the ratings suggested. Obie said he had a sleeper pick, this was clearly it. If he wanted him, it appears he needed to take him when he did, or lose him to Sask. He obviously wanted him badly enough that he didn't want to risk that. Time will tell if his assessment is correct. I look forward to watching Brown learn the ropes in the CFL.

Tillman isnt their gm right now. He’s on ‘vacation’ from the team till his trial is over.

What are you talking about tipping his hand, it was after the draft was over? How is that tipping your hand. It just kills me when people with no knowledge say we could have had him in this round or that round, they have no idea what other teams are going to do. Obie liked what he saw in this player and grabbed him when he could, only time will tell if he was right but to bash him at this point is ridiculous.

The only one bashing is you, Are you more knowledgeable? or gullable? Every GM says the same thing, We didn't think he would be around, we got all the guys on our list blah blah. Unfortunately MRX prunes these sites like crazy otherwise you could play last year's Ticat TV interview with Obilovich where he said the exact same exact thing as he did this year and that worked out wonderful didn't it. That's not bashing. The Darcy Brown and the Matt Singer picks are gambles that defy logic. How guys like Eric Fraser, Mat Morencie, Tang Bacheyie we're passed over by guys like Brown and Singer is strange.

And even if let's say for argument sakes the Riders wanted to take a chance with Darcy Brown. They can afford to throw away a pick for experiment's sake. The Ticats don't have the same luxury at this point.

I'll tell you one better. The only reason the Riders could challenge for Brown is because Obilovich traded them the pick LOL!

CFL coaches and scouts rate the players for the CFL draft.

Why would a CFL coach rate an unheralded player
who suits their needs well up in the draft?

If that player would be expected
to be rated in the later rounds,

rate him in the later round.

If the coaches and scout's didn't,
the G.M would be at their throats.

Anyways, it is impossible for a football operations team
to get a complete picture of a draft eligible player's potential.

The football operation people get to see
the players physical ability first hand

watching them do drills at the combine.

But coaches seldom get to see
these guys play football first hand.

They depend on watching game film
over and over to assess their football ability

plus their scout's evaluation of the players
who they have seen play in some games live.

Even the NFL with all their money for scouting
miss seeing the potential of lots of players.

Miami Dolphins sure made up for that when they sent two scouts
to all Cameron Wake's B.C. Lions games in his 2nd year in the CFL.

I don't claim to be more knowledgeable than Obie, as you seem to do, neither am i gullable. However unlike you i am smart enough to know not to go by some mock draft the so called experts put out there of where players are ranked and i don't claim to be a clairvoyant as you and the original poster seem to be to know where teams are going to pick players. Also as far as your LOL quote you fail to mention there were other players involved in that trade, isn't that convienient LOL

This is a thread about "draft results" I am giving my opinion and you don't like it that's fine, no need for personal attacks, plus we can't all be in line for the Koolaid :slight_smile:

I've seen him play in at least 15 games and probably 10 or so of those LIVE! So it isn't clairvoyance, it is an OPINION. Also he's never played fullback and the difference between blocking a DE on your heels or standing and hitting a wall of 300 pounders with 3 steps is a completely different set of skills then making contact with CIS linebackers and DB's some that are 160 pounds in the open field. If Brown has the skills to be a FB in the Pros don't you think SMU would have used him as a RB? Especialy when their starting QB went down for a long period and they resorted to running the ball?

That dosen't mean he can't be succesful but for this guy to be one of two key cogs of a draft where the team had 1st, 3rd and 9th. picks is strange. You would think after trying unsuccesfuly to convert Mike Giffen and Bekasiak last year that the team would stick to the odds. The Ticats have not developed a "starting" NI other then an OL in four or five years and you think that this has a "high probability" of being succesful? This smacks of Bellefeuille reinventing the wheel...

Well for one Brown's responsibilities are not to stand up a DE. Mainly a FB cuts off blitzing LB's and S. Also, to block the blitz you just chip or impede the defender. You dont have to stand him up.

St Mary's had 3 productive RB's to begin with. Why would you put Brown at RB? He's 6'3 251 and fits the size of an average CFL FB.

One NI player the Ticats did develop would be Lumsden and Bauman is coming around.

I dont know why you’re all getting so worked up over this. This is the CIS, check out the history of this draft and you’ll find they all have lots in common, 60% of first round picks are busts and turn out to be extremely average players and usually there is only one player in the entire draft who turns out to be a major steal after round 1. If Brown turns out to be a flop then who effin cares because the 5 teams after us drafted guys who arent capable of starting in this league either.