Draft Recap

The bombers had 4 picks going into the draft. I think this one was shaky to say the least.

  1. Corey Mace DL>>Signed by the NFL was supposed to drop his value significantly...Taman not get the memo??... to top it off Tad Crawford was still there...

  2. Eugene Boakye LB >>A mouthful of a lastname, could be the best selection they made...assuming Mace doesnt get cut. Led Canadian Colleges in tackles until he sustained an injury in week three...week three so basically he had 6 tackles and 3 other guys had 5...

  3. TRADED TO SASKATCHEWAN >> For OL Mark O'Meara (wasnt there a golfer named Mark O'Meara?) I have no info on him, Im assuming hes like a depth player, maybe the 6th or 7th guy on an Oline...

  4. Travis Noel DB >>A possible backup DB to develop...He has quite a resume though...

2006: Team Defensive MVP...Led conference defensive backs in total tackles and solo tackles...Conference Player of the Week and Team Athlete of the Week in Week 2 versus Mount Allison.

High School (Father Henry Carr): First Team All-Canadian in 2001...Two-time GTA All-Star...All-Canada Gridiron All-East First Team 2001...Father Henry Carr Team MVP and Defensive Player of the Year.

What Do you think bout these here picks...I say this year was a bust...

Well only if you look at who they drafted and not what they got for the picks, although the guys they picked may stick.

Corey Mace
Travis Noel
Eugene Boakye

Mark O'Meara
Alexander Gauthier
Cavil(Winnipegs original 3rd rounder)
Jason Nugent

Those are all the players the bombers aquired with 2007 picks.
Bombers lost:
Ron Warner
Garrick Jones

So Overall it's a pretty decent Draft.
I'm disappointed the Bombers didn't pick up a WR/SB but there are 4 guys who got skipped from this years draft who the Bombers should be talking to ASAP about Signing for TC they are:
Yves Bériault (WR, Montréal, 5’10?, 166)
Jon Behie (SB, McMaster, 6’2?, 195):
Samuel Champagne (WR, Laval, 6’4?, 215)
Karl Phillips (SB, Saskatchewan, 6’2?, 218)

Just bring them in and see how they do.

They called a party but forgot to invite the Bombers. Sure would be nice if we could hang on to our draft positions.

LeBird, that's the plan for next years draft providing it's deep.
Hopefully at DT and WR/SB next year.

Get a second starting DT + Second Backup
Also get some possible Starting Receivers to fill in holes that will appear.

Check, one down(Phillips)
Now Bombers Sign Yves or Jon.
S. Champagne is unlikely to sign in the CFL saddly.