Draft pics 13....you take your chances

....Looks like two of the Bombers 2013 draft selections will show-up at tc. Fitzgerald and the kicker Pavloupoulous...DiCroce is done with a re-injured foot, same one he broke last year ..along with the loss of Kris Robertson , the db. looks like the injury plague has struck already..Tough luck for these two...Tough to predict but I hope they show up for next years tc. :roll:

It's unfortunate for both of those guys for sure. But when one door closes....

DiCroce from what I've read looked decent in rookie camp before going down, however he might've been better suited going back to Mac having sat out most of last year with the foot injury and playing. Unfortunately he'll miss a lot of time again. NI receiver depth is the least of our worries with Watson and Poblah starting. Etienne by all accounts looked much improved in the minicamp, Kohlert has looked decent in his time here as well. The door has opened further for Fitzgerald in the FB/TE role and Rifles receiver Brett Carter who by all accounts is making a good impression for him which could land him on the PR at least.

As for Robertson, I think the door opens further for Sherman Teague, an undrafted out of UofM who I've heard had a good rookie camp, and Jawann Westerman. Either or both could be in the mix to back up Cauchy Muamba and push Dan West off the roster.

But this rookie injury thing is becoming a bit of an issue. Two of the four guys drafted in 2013 who made it to camp are now done for the year. Two out of the 3 guys who stuck around from the 2012 draqft class (Pencer, Stephan) both spend most or all of the season on the IR. We've had bad luck for the last few years in terms of QB health, even before Buck, and now we're having issues with rookie health. Thankfully though, out of the whole rookie group it sounds like everyone else has come out of rookie camp in good shape heading into main camp.

....Seems like we've been snake-bit as far as rooks go that's for sure wolverine..Going back to last year, I forgot about Pencer and his shoulder problem..Maybe you're right about 'when one door closes'...Others who might not have had a shot get to show their stuff....It's sad to see DiCorce and Robertson miss their chance BUT like you say, another year to heal and school might be better AND I guess as a small bonus for us is the fact that they're off Ottawas' radar (I would think) :roll:

Little update of sorts on one of the picks the bombers took a chance on


Rob Demovsky covering the packers for ESPN thinks there's a good chance Mulamba sticks with the Packers out of camp :frowning: